Dr Hauschka’s Translucent Make-up Foundation Review

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Dr Hauschka’s Translucent Make-up (4 out of 5)

Dr Hauschka’s holistic skin care line is made from natural raw materials such as plant oils and herbal extracts. A number of their ingredients are grown in their own biodynamic garden, which is a much more sustainable form of agriculture. Dr Hauschka uses these biodynamic plants and natural minerals to create their products without the use of chemicals. Dr Hauschka’s holistic skincare line has also been certified 100% natural by the BDIH (a German governing body that certifies all natural, organic products. The BDIH has even stricter rules than the US). And like any good all natural cosmetic range Dr Hauschka does not test on animals.

Considering foundation is applied all over your face, the need for a foundation that doesn’t contain chemicals that your skin can soak up seems even more important. Made with jojoba, carrot, witch hazel and avocado, this product has some really yummy ingredients in it that are also great for your skin, both calming your skin and moisturizing it all day. Because the ingredients in this product are natural they can be used on most skin types.

If you look at it like a tinted moisturizer then it works pretty well and leaves a wonderful dewy finish. However, for those with more oily skin, this product will definitely leave more shine than you might be looking for. Also, it comes in only five shades which some may find limiting. Still, I’d say if you have normal to dry skin, this product is definitely worth trying as it does leave a nice finish. Additionally, if you do end up liking the foundation, you’ll be glad to know that Dr Hauschka also makes a bronzer concentrate that you can mix with any moisturizer or sunscreen, and both loose and compact face powders, all in the same Translucent Make-up line.