Make Naptimes Safe with a Non-Toxic Daycare Nap Mat

Make Naptimes Safe with a Non-Toxic Daycare Nap Mat
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Naptimes at daycare are important because they ensure that your child gets the rest they need in order to grow. According to Kids Health, naps are important for young children since they help kids stay active and happy. Also, naps provide your toddler with “much-needed downtime for growth and rejuvenation.”

If your daycare is using nap mats filled with PVCs, latex and lead, can you imagine the quality of sleep that your little one would have? It may not interfere with sweet dreams but it would surely have an impact on his health in the long-run. Here is more on organic and natural mats for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Learn why they’re better and where to find them.

Why are Organic or Natural Mats Better for Naps?

Besides being better for the environment, nap mats made of safe and natural materials are better for baby too. Nap mats keep babies warm and comfy during their afternoon siesta at daycare. Sleeping on mats made with PVC, vinyl, latex and lead can cause them to breathe in toxic fumes that can have adverse effects on their mental and physical development. According to Healthy Child Healthy World, using PVC products may lead to exposure to carcinogens used in PVC production or to toxic additives such as lead, phthalates and cadmium causing lasting damage to a child’s overall health and wellness.

Materials Used to Make Green Mats for Daycare Naps

In comparison to the harmful and dangerous PVC mats, daycare’s can go green and healthy by choosing natural nap mats made of materials that come right from Nature’s lap. Organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and even, PVC-free foam mats that are completely safe for a toddler to sleep on. While natural materials are an obvious choice for eco-friendly sleep mats, daycare’s can also consider PVC-, lead- and latex-free foam.

Where to Find Non-Toxic, Safe and Eco-friendly Daycare Nap Mats

If you’re looking for an organic, natural mat for your toddler to sleep on at daycare, Sewn Natural, an Etsy store, has a range of organic, hand made, nap mats in a variety of colors and designs. Made in Canada, the mats are made of organic cotton and also, have an inner filling of organic cotton with an underside of either organic cotton or hemp. Crafty Baby also has a lovely nap pack made of fleece that comes complete with a blanket and a pillow.

Nap mats that are safe for the environment are naturally better for your preschooler, too. Knowing that naptimes wouldn’t mean inhaling toxic gases is bound to make you feel better as well. So, go ahead and choose an organic, eco-friendly mat for your toddler to take a nap on and while you’re there, do consider choosing eco-friendly changing pads for baby or biodegradable lunch bags!


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