Non-toxic Kids Makeup with Homemade Alternatives

Non-toxic Kids Makeup with Homemade Alternatives
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It has been estimated that approximately 60% of what you put on your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream. This is especially concerning when it applies to young children. Many different types of makeup are derived from petroleum, are animal based, or animal tested and full of chemical additives. These synthetic and sometimes very toxic additives are not safe for people and also very damaging to our environment. Choosing to use natural, non-toxic kids makeup is one way to ensure you are protecting the future of our children and our planet.

Dangerous Ingredients

When purchasing makeup it is very important to carefully read the list of ingredients. Do not rely on what the packaging says. A label may say the product is natural or non-toxic, but that is not always accurate. Cosmetics containing any of the following are to be avoided:

Mineral Oil, Paraffin, and Petrolatum


Phenol/Carbolic Acid


Sodium Laurel or Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate





Artificial dyes, especially Blue #1 and #2, Green #3, Orange B, Red #40 and #3 ,Yellow #5 and #6

These are ingredients that you do not want to put on your children’s face and skin.

Safe Ingredients

A variety of cosmetic companies have taken note of the seriousness of the danger their ingredients pose on consumers and have taken care to develop products that are natural, organic and chemical free. As a parent searching for non-toxic kids makeup it is important to be aware of which products truly are safe to use.

The introduction of mineral makeup is one step cosmetic companies have taken to make their products safer. True mineral makeup contains only naturally occurring mineral elements with no artificial colors, preservatives or fragrances. One of biggest benefits to children is lack of any artificial dyes, such as FD&C and RDC color, that may cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin.

Common ingredients used in natural, non-toxic and organic makeup include:

Zinc/Iron Oxide

Aloe Vera



Carnauba/Bees Wax

Wheat Germ/Castor/Coconut Oil

Glycerin (Vegetable Glycerin)

Cocoa/Shea Butter

Witch Hazel

Kaolin Clay

Fruit Extracts

Homemade Non-Toxic Kids Makeup

The best solution to controlling what your child is putting on his or her skin is to simply make your own makeup from common household ingredients. The following recipes can be made easily at home with your kid’s participation. Have fun and use a little creativity to make almost any color your child desires.

Begin by choosing unscented lotion, pure cocoa butter or fluoride-free non-mint toothpaste as the base for your color palate. The colors are then created by adding a variety of fruit and vegetable juices, and herbs and spices to your base. Here are a few ideas to get started:

Red/Pink: beet/raspberry/blackberry juice

Yellow: turmeric/yellow onion/carrots

Green: avocado/spinach juice

Blue/Purple: blueberry juice

Brown: cocoa powder

Black: squid ink

White: powdered sugar

When making this type of makeup, you may need to boil and strain many of the fruits and vegetables to fully extract the juice. Once you are finished, store your makeup in containers with tight lids as some of these food colorings can stain. Before applying it to your children’s skin, it is important to always do a patch test for allergic reactions.

This is a great time to discuss with your child about the dangers of cosmetics and the reasons why you feel it is important to use non-toxic, eco-friendly makeup to help keep them and the environment safe and healthy.


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