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Aveda Green Science Skin Care Reviews (4 out of 5)

Who knew that Moroccan goats pooped out nuts that could be used to plump up your collagen? It seems Berber women know and Aveda green science has incorporated that wisdom into in all natural eco-conscious skin care line specially designed to treat older skin types by minimizing lines and pore size while increasing collagen production. While the skin care line does not include a product to exfoliate the skin, it does rely on natural peptides, proteins and ceramides, yeasts, that increase collagen production which makes wrinkles less visible by plumping up the skin, however, the most significant ingredient is the Moroccan argan oil, which contains healthy natural fatty substances and vitamins that offer a host of health benefits.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is a traditional healing oil derived from the nuts of the Argan tree, that only grows in Western Morocco. The oil is high in vitamin E, a highly beneficial vitamin for skin, and phytosterols, which remarkably heal scar tissue and brighten dull skin. In the past, indigenous Berber women were the only ones who could produce the oil from the undigested nuts that pass through the Marakesh goats who eat them. Now, the oil can be produced mechanically using nuts directly from the trees but Berber women continue to benefit as they have established special cooperatives to serve the increased demand for argan oil from skin care companies in developed counties. Aveda is the most popular supplier of an Argan skin care line in the United States and helps the Berber women by buying directly from a cooperative that cold-presses the nuts by hand which maintains a sustainable economy from a natural resource without changing cultural norms.

Peptides, Ceramides and Argan Oil

Aveda does not only rely on Argan oil in its green science products. Peptides and ceramides are combined. Peptides are amino acids and ceramides are lipids, both of which are extremely helpful in creating a youthful appearance. Interestingly, ceramides only work properly on the skin if combined with fatty acids. Argan oil contains fatty acids that in conjunction with the ceramics and peptides, found in Aveda’s products, plump up, heal scars, moisturizes and brightens skin. While there are other natural skin care lines that contain these amino acids and lips, it’s the combination with the Argan oil that makes Aveda’s line effective.


Aveda’s skin care line does produce brighter younger looking skin and the nicest aspects of the green science products are that they feel good. There is no tight feeling on your skin that can result from peptides and your face seems fuller even if you are slender and thin. A fuller face is more youthful and the the lack of exfoliation is not too bad. In fact, it can be beneficial, your face is bright,not flaky, when using the green science products. There is also a psychological benefit to using sustainably produced products. You may feel better knowing your skin care line is good for Berber women. Feeling good helps you look good.