How to Make Organic Plant Food at Home for Your Precious Plants

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Homemade organic plant food does not just turn out to be inexpensive, in fact, it is the best choice for providing the right kind of nourishment to your plants. Its alternative is chemical fertilizers, which can burn your plants and also damage the soil over time. Although most of us have heard about the benefits of organic food for the plants, very few of us have an idea about how to make organic plant food. Don’t worry, here is help at hand. Use any one of these wonderful recipes for the health and growth of your plants.

Recipe 1 for Organic Plant Food

This recipe is easy to make since it utilizes things around the house. Take a gallon of tepid water and add one teaspoon of Epsom salts, one teaspoon of baking powder, a teaspoon of salt, and 1/3 teaspoon of ammonia. You can use this wonderful plant food mix to water your plants once every four weeks. Don’t use it too much or too often as it may weaken your plants.

Recipe 2 for Organic Plant Food

You can make plant food from soft and lush leaves of plants such as nettle or comfrey. Since fresh shoots are quite soft, these are ideal plant foods. Place the fresh shoots and leaves of these plants in a container and then add enough water to cover them. This should be left like this for three to four weeks. After this, the pulp should be removed, and the liquid should be used as a foliar feed. However, before using it, make sure to dilute one part of the liquid with fifteen parts water. If you want to use it on open ground, you do not need to add any water. For using it as plant food for potted plants, dilute one part with ten parts of water.

Recipe 3 for Organic Plant Food

You have probably heard about compost tea. Here is a recipe for making manure tea. This homemade plant food can provide excellent nutrients and beneficial microorganisms to your plants. For this, you can use manure from rabbits, chickens, horses, and cows. These should be placed in a cloth and tied. Once your cloth bag is ready, put it in a five gallon bucket and add the water. Let it sit like this for a week or so and then add the manure tea to the soil to make it nutritious.

Recipe 4 for Organic Plant Food

Fish emulsion, seaweed, and molasses are considered to be quite nutritious for house plants. Take one tablespoon of liquid seaweed, four tablespoons of fish emulsion, one teaspoon of molasses. Add these to about one gallon of water. Use this mixture to spray on the leaves of your plants and on the soil. This mixture provides just the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to your plants.

Besides these above recipes, you can add crushed egg shells and water from your aquarium tank to the soil. These will really be beneficial for your plants.

Now that you have some idea about how to make organic plant food, it is time to do a favor to your plants. Stop using those expensive and harmful store-bought chemical fertilizers and feed your plants some environmentally-friendly homemade organic plant food. It may take a little effort on your part, but remember it’s a great way to show your plants how much you care.


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