How to Recycle Old Flat Screen TVs & Keep Them Out of Landfills

How to Recycle Old Flat Screen TVs & Keep Them Out of Landfills
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How Televisions Have Changed Over Time

Are you interested in learning the proper way to recycle flat screen TV sets? If you are like most eco-conscious individuals, you want to know the best recycling methods for electronics. Recycle a flat screen TV the right way by following these easy steps.

Do you remember those gigantic, clunky television sets from way back when? Analog television sets were massive in size and always took an excessive amount of space in the house. When they did work, you had to mess with the antenna to get a clear picture. Well, times have changed and so have the quality of televisions.

Many flat screen televisions in electronic stores today are better for the environment. Not only do they provide a higher quality picture, but many of these higher quality televisions also use less energy when they are turned on as well as when they are turned off. They are also easier to dispose of and made of less hazardous materials than traditional analog televisions.

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Why it is Important to Recycle Analog and Flat Screen Televisions

Before global warning became an issue, many people weren’t too concerned about the environment. They also didn’t give much thought about how to properly dispose of electronics. Many people would dump analog televisions in landfills, and soon one person’s problem became everyone’s problem.

As time passed the amount of electronic items that accumulated in these landfills started to affect the environment in a negative way. This is why people need to learn how to properly dispose of electronic items.

When you need to recycle electronics, such as an analog television or a flat screen television you may be surprised that the recycling methods are similar in nature.

How to Properly Dispose of Analog and Flat Screen Televisions that Still Work

When your television is in proper working condition, check to see if anyone you know needs a television. Maybe your parents, grandparents or friend needs a television. This way you can ensure that the television will be put to good use.

If no one in your family or anyone you know needs a television, use websites such as Craigslist and online selling sites to list your television for sale. Sometimes offering it for an incredibly low price will get a buyer’s attention and they will buy it.

You can also donate it to Goodwill or any other social service agency. They are always in need of donations, especially televisions.

How to Properly Dispose of Non-Functioning Televisions

e-Steward programs- Is the best electronics recycling program that undergoes a strict certification program. Find an e-Steward here.

Manufacturer Takeback Programs- Most major brands and retailers have take back programs and will allow you to send their products to them for free, even if they no longer work.

If your television set does not offer a take back incentive, you can also contact Best Buy or Staples. Both of these retailers offer a comprehensive collection program that can assist you when you need to recycle flat screen TV. When you learn the proper way to recycle an old flat screen TV you can take the guesswork out of knowing which disposal method is best for the environment.