Actions You Can Take to Reduce Fossil Fuels Used, Benefit Biodiversity and Help the Planet

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Why It’s Time to Take Action

There has been a lot of talk about polar bears in the news. Currently an endangered species, polar bears have faced extensive habitat loss due to global warming and drilling for oil. But who should take the blame for the awful predicament that polar bears and other threatened and endangered species face? The answer may surprise you!

Those of use that use more than our fair share of fossil fuels can take at least part of the blame. The extraction of fossil fuels from the earth takes a toll on our environment and directly affects local biodiversity all over the world. Mining, drilling and transporting fossil fuels modifies habitat and leads to air, water and soil pollution. Also, these actions directly contribute to global climate change that further degrades natural habitats and disrupts a balanced ecosystem.

Actions We Can Take to Save Biodiversity

There are specific actions that we can take in order to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Reducing our dependence will curb our consumption and help prevent the further disruption of critical habitats.

• Buy energy efficient vehicles and appliances.

• Walk, bike, carpool, or ride the bus whenever possible. Becoming less dependent on the car is often most difficult habit to kick. But if you stick with it, you’ll find that walking and biking is a satisfying and healthy way to commute.

• Living near school, work or easily accessible public transportation is a terrific way to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels. Life can be so beautifully simple without a stressful commute across town to go to work or the grocery store. Also, many people are finding that working from home is a great way to save money while reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Freelance writers and executive assistants are just a few fields that offer great work-from-home opportunities. Or if working exclusively at home isn’t an option, many employers are becoming increasingly flexible when it comes to reducing your commute one day a week. A four day work week will mean one less drive and a three day weekend!

• Purchase clean energy from your electric provider. More and more utility companies are offering alternative energies. A simple call is all it takes! This is only a short list of strategies for reducing our fossil fuel dependence. There’s a lot more you can do to help alleviate our use of fossil fuels. Not only will it help us conserve what is left of these nonrenewable resources, it will directly help preserve our precious biodiversity.