Other Uses for Household Products: Ways to Save Money by Reusing Household Items

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Reducing Household Waste

One way you can reduce your household waste is finding a new way to use a product that you would otherwise toss out. For example, keeping an empty spray bottle of your household cleaner and refilling it from a larger size can be the perfect way to reduce your waste and save money.

If you can easily clean the bottle, you can also use an alternative, safer product such as a vinegar and water solution for cleaning windows and other surfaces. Doing so will further protect the environment from the harsh chemicals found in common household cleaners.

Your vinegar solution can act as an effective stain remover for ketchup and spaghetti sauce, recommends Mizkan Americas of vinegartips.com. You can also use it to remove mildew odor from your washing machine, your boat, or your clothes. You can easily eliminate the need to buy other products which will reduce the amount of waste your household generates.

Reusing Household Products

Other uses for household products include simply reusing them. After rinsing your plastic water bottles, fill them again and place them in the refrigerator. You will conserve water by avoiding running the faucet to get cold water.You will reduce waste and save energy by not buying more bottled drinks.You can also fill them about three-quarters filled and place them in the freezer for a handy alternative to buying ice for your cooler.

Empty glass jars make handy shakers for mixing salad dressings or batter. You can also use them to store anything from buttons to spare change and everything in between. Likewise, film canisters can store prescriptions or other medications when traveling. You can also store small items or use them as small geocaches. You can sort beads or use as containers for spices when camping.

Your used dryer sheets also have other uses than removing static cling from your clothes. You can also use them to remove static on your TV screen and plastic blinds. Their lingering scent can freshen your clothes or refresh smelly shoes as well as any scented sachet.

Your old socks or t-shirts can make rags for any cleaning job. Tear them to size to get multiple uses out of a single shirt. No need to buy garbage bags. Just reuse your plastic grocery bags as garbage can liners. You can save the energy needed to create new bags and reduce fossil fuel emissions.

There are many ways you can find other uses for household products. Think of the product’s original purpose and how you can apply it to a different task. You will save money on buying new products. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are living a green lifestyle and reducing your ecological footprint.


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