Find out Which TV Is Best for the Environment

Find out Which TV Is Best for the Environment
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When you’re headstrong about practicing eco-friendly living, you make a conscious effort to do whatever is necessary to ensure your actions have a positive impact on the environment. This is why it is important to practice this same conscientious behavior when you are considering the best rated TV’S for the environment. Green television sets use less energy not only when they are in use, but also when they are not being used.

In order to understand which TV is best for the environment, let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of televisions. We will also compare energy efficient features.

LCD Television Versus Plasma Television, Which One is More Eco-Friendly?

As energy consumption is the primary problem, plasma televisions can be excluded from the list. Plasma televisions are known for using up to 20% more energy than LCD’s. This makes a huge difference in cost and energy use, especially if you like to watch TV.

Energy Star Rating is Only Important for Standby Mode

Energy star ratings for televisions can be helpful if you are looking for a set that consumes less energy when in standby mode; however, an energy star rating does not take into consideration energy use when the television is actually on. Therefore, to find the greenest TV you must also take into account how much energy is consumed when in use as well as when they are in standby mode.

For Less Energy Consumption Buy an LCD Television

Eco-friendly televisions help people enjoy their entertainment while at the same time, reduce energy consumption. The only sets that use less energy to run and to be in standby mode are LCD or LED televisions. Even the old CT televisions you grew up with still consume more energy than the LCD or LED models.

The reason energy consumption is reduced with LCD and LED sets is that the harder the television has to work to produce a higher quality picture, the more energy that is being used to produce this picture. This translates into more hazardous toxins being released into the air, which can be harmful to people and the ozone over the long-term.

Find Televisions with Adjustable Settings and Energy Efficient Features

Another important element that avid television watchers will also appreciate is the ability to adjust the color and picture of their television. When you visit the mall or retail store, the televisions on display are set to a certain mode. This mode uses large amounts of energy compared to the mode used in your living quarters. This is done to show off the features of the television and attract consumers.

Therefore, having a television that allows you to make necessary adjustments is having access to energy efficient features. Remember the brighter the picture is, the more energy will be consumed; therefore, by making adjustments and utilizing the energy efficient features, you will instantly conserve some serious energy. Just by making these small changes, both the consumers and the ozone will be happy campers.

Best TV’s for the Environment

So which TV is best for the environment? The following are great, eco-friendly models:

  • Vizio VF552XVT-This 55 inch television uses 191.44 watts of energy with default and 103.72 watts when calibrated

  • LG Infinia 47LE8500-This 47 inch television uses 90.14 watts of energy with default settings and 70.99 watts when calibrated

  • Westinghouse SK-32H640G-This 32 inch television uses 89.279 watts of energy in default and 46.909 watts when calibrated.

By following these helpful tips and choices, you will be able to find the right television that fits your budget while delivering the high quality picture you desire. You will also be able to practice green living while watching the TV.


photo by: Ten Safe Frogs (CC/flickr)