How To Become An Eco-Friendly Pizzeria

How To Become An Eco-Friendly Pizzeria
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With increasing awareness about saving our planet more people are making efforts to become eco-friendly. People are learning about the benefits of eating organic and healthy food, and finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint. If you own a restaurant or even work in one you have the opportunity to make a huge difference and perhaps inspire a few coworkers and customers to go green as well. If you are running a pizzeria and want to support your planet, you can learn more about how to become an eco-friendly pizzeria.

Tips For Selling Green Pizza

Below are a few useful tips inspired by Pizza Fusion, a successful eco-friendly pizzeria with locations in California, Kansas, and on the East Coast.

  • Start with an organic menu to support organic agriculture. Cooking with and serving natural, organic food is not only healthier, but it also adds to the health of our earth as no chemicals are used to produce the food. It may cost more to buy organic ingredients, but as more and more people become health and earth-conscious, the unique product that you are offering will be appreciated.
  • Whenever possible buy local produce and products to cut down on transportation.
  • Use only biodegradable plateware, silverware, and napkins for all your disposable needs, such as containers made from cornstarch, which decompose in landfills in only 50 days. You can also use spudware utensils which are made from potatoes. They are also biodegradable.
  • To deliver food, use smaller cars or hybrid vehicles to cut down on energy use. Encourage drivers to drive the shortest distances to deliver pizza to customers.
  • Use only recycled paper for all your back-office tasks. For toilet paper and paper towels in bathrooms in the eco-friendly pizzeria, use only recycled products. Sanitize your store only using eco-friendly sanitizer and cleaners.
  • When updating or building, install countertops and shelves that are made from environmentally-friendly materials such as recycled wood, glass, and plastics. Use furniture made from reclaimed wood. Use green drywall during construction.
  • Provide uniforms for your employees made from natural fibers such as organic bamboo, hemp, or cotton.
  • You can create fliers from recycled paper and use non-VOC ink for printing graphics.
  • Focus on energy efficiency to reduce your business’s carbon footprint by recycling heat from ovens to heat water and the restaurant and turning down the temperatures on water heaters and heating and cooling systems by one or two degrees.
  • You can save energy by using CF or compact fluorescent bulbs in your stores. Use smart lights in bathrooms which automatically turn off the instant bathrooms become vacant.
  • Use a waste water recycling system which recycles waste water from sinks to toilets.

This is not an exhaustive list of ideas which you can use to green your business or place of employment. WIth a little creativity and a desire to save energy and the planet, there are endless ways to become an eco-friendly pizzeria.

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