Ingredients in Natural Nail Polish: Why Natural Polishes are Better

Ingredients in Natural Nail Polish: Why Natural Polishes are Better
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Nail polish has long been associated with harsh fumes and chemicals. A poor product for the environment, and your health, not to mention the even more toxic products required to remove it. Fortunately, the beauty industry has taken action and now there are many varieties of natural nail polish to choose from. For a nail polish to be considered natural, it should not contain toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DHB), formaldehyde, xylene, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) or artificial colors. In addition, natural nail polish is odorless and often may be removed with rubbing alcohol, grain alcohol, or by soaking in hot water.

Natural Ingredients

When deciding to give up your traditional nail polish it does not mean you have to give up your favorite colors or the chip-resistant finish that you are used to. Natural nail polish eliminates the toxic and dangerous ingredients found in traditional nail polish without compromising the quality and results you expect. What are the ingredients found in natural nail polish?

  • water
  • water-miscible acrylic resins
  • thickeners
  • glycol ethers
  • plastic polymers
  • mica
  • iron oxides
  • titanium oxide pigments
  • polyurethane film formers
  • earth pigments

The reasons these natural ingredients are better for you and the environment is because they are odor free, non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for pregnant women to use. Unlike chemical-based traditional polish, they do not cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive issues, allergies, or yellow, discolored nails.

Tips for Using Natural Nail Polish

To maximize the length of wear of natural nail polish it is important to follow the application instructions closely. Clean your hands and nails thoroughly with soap and water, and dry completely. If you have extremely brittle nails, rub a little cuticle oil into your nails first. Apply thin coats of polish one at a time until your desired color is reached. Allow each coat to dry at least 30 seconds before applying the next.

Due to the lack of chemical solvents in natural polish, it requires more time to dry. Unless directed otherwise, allow at least 4 hours for the polish to harden completely. During drying time avoid hot water. For best results, you may want to polish your nails right before bed. Remove and/or change your polish weekly and store it at room temperature.

In between polish changes, one of the safest and most eco-friendly ways to have beautiful nails is to invest in a good quality nail buffer. Buffing regularly, about once a month, will give your nails a high gloss shine without the use of any additional products. It will smooth your nail surfaces and stimulate blood circulation, resulting in longer and healthier nails.

Searching for eco-friendly, non-toxic products is well worth the effort. As all the ingredients in natural nail polish are safe for you and the environment, why bother with chemical colors?


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