Quick & Easy Homemade Nail Polisher Remover Tips

Quick & Easy Homemade Nail Polisher Remover Tips
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Conventional nail polish removers made with acetone and other dangerous chemicals make the simple task of washing away those bright reds, soft peaches, and radiant pinks a rather toxic affair. Inhalation especially can be dangerous. Are there natural ways to get rid of nail polish?

Recipes to Remove Nail Polish from Your Nails

Many people don’t like to use store bought nail polish removers; they can be too harsh on delicate nails and chemical-based removers are not eco-friendly. Instead, many prefer to remove nail polish naturally to reduce chemical exposure to the nails and finger tips, and to keep nails strong. Here are simple recipes to help you remove nail polish from your nails naturally. Use these easy recipes the next time you want to change your nail color or return to the natural, colorless look.

  • Recipe 1: Nail polish

One way to remove old nail polish is to apply a new coat of polish. Buy clear polish and put a thick coat on each nail one at a time. After applying the coat, wipe immediately. Do not let it dry. This should remove the old nail polish off the nail as well. It’s quick, easy and cheap, since a bottle of clear nail polish costs around 99 cents. Additionally, you are not putting anything foreign on your nails.

  • Recipe 2: Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a natural substance. It is a denatured alcohol solution, which is composed of 97.5 to 100 percent ethanol or ethyl alcohol. Rubbing alcohol should only be used topically. Women use it frequently to swab their piercings to keep from collecting bacteria and causing infection. It can also be used to remove nail polish. Simply buy a cheap bottle of rubbing alcohol. You can buy a miniature bottle for under $1. Put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub away at each nail. It may take longer to remove all the polish than normal remover, but it works just as well.

  • Recipe 3: Hot Water

A great way to remove polish is to soften it. Even though we take a hot shower, for example, the polish doesn’t become soft. That’s because we have to immerse our nails in hot water. Simply heat water on the stove or in a microwave. Test the temperature. You have to be able to tolerate the heat. Then immerse your hands in the bowl of hot water for 15 minutes. After the polish softens, gently scrape off.

  • Recipe 4: Vinegar and Citric Fruits

Vinegar is a natural substance. Putting this acidic substance on polish will break it down and make it possible to wipe off. Simply put a small amount of vinegar in a bowl. Add citric fruit such as lemon, lime or an orange, and mix in with the vinegar. Put a cotton ball in the mixture and wipe on your fingernails. It may take a bit longer to remove the polish fully, since it will take a little while to break down. Also, you may have to gently scrape your nails to fully remove.

Insect repellent is sometimes recommended as an alternative nail polish remover. Because of the harsh chemicals found in insect repellent, this is not suggested.

Now that you’ve learned natural ways to get rid of nail polish, go paint your nails and try it for yourself.


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