All About Eco-Friendly Swing Sets

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Benefits of Natural Swings

There are many benefits to buying eco-friendly swing sets. These sets are made from strong and durable wood material. They are designed to last many years, holding up in challenging conditions such as rain and snow. These natural swings do well against insects and fungus. Sets that are designed from natural wood look aesthetically pleasing in a yard. They look nicer than the plastic and metal swings that have a tendency to crack and rust over time.

Many of the companies that manufacture these types of swings have made a commitment to green, sustainable practices. They work hard to preserve forest life by donating money to replant trees or by only using lumber companies that reforest the areas which are harvested.

Swing sets that use eco-friendly materials are better for the environment. The materials used are naturally grown, long lasting and do not have to be replaced every few years. This cuts down on the number of trees that are harvested. As an added green benefit, the natural wood is biodegradable and recyclable, a great advantage over plastic and metal sets.

Eco-Friendly Companies

There are several companies that manufacture eco-friendly, wooden swings. These companies care about green living and sustaining forestry. It is always important when considering a purchasing source to check what the swing sets are made of and decide what will work best for your needs.

Cedarworks is a company that began in Rockport, Maine in 1981. Its goal was to design strong, safe playsets that children can use for recreation. The company donates 10% of its sales to environmental and child benefit efforts. They also give customers a seedling with each purchase so that they can plant a new tree in place of the one that is used. In addition, Cedarworks also donates thousands of seedlings each year to forestry efforts.

Kid’s Creations sells their sets directly to the customer so their prices tend to be lower. They use 100% Redwood for single and meta-towers. For The Circus series, Cyprus is used in addition to redwood. Many components are pre-built and easy to assemble. Kid’s Creations wood comes from lumber companies that practice sustainable forestry.

Woodplay Playsets use Redwood for their swings. The company believes that this is the most durable and sustainable wood that can be used in swing sets. These playsets are made of quality materials and the wood used is manufactured from sustainable tree farms. Purchasers can look for a showroom that is located in their area so that they can view the set before purchasing.

Cedarworks, Kid’s Creations and Woodplay Playsets are great companies that manufacture eco-friendly swing sets. These sustainable swing companies are also interested in preserving natural resources and giving back to the forest by donating to ecology efforts and only using companies that reforest trees. If you plan to purchase from other companies check what type of wood is used in the playsets creation. Do you have additional resources to share? Please let me know by leaving a message in the comment section.