How to Recycle a Satellite Receiver

How to Recycle a Satellite Receiver
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Why You Should Recycle Satellite Receivers

If you switch from satellite to cable or change satellite providers, you’re left with an old satellite dish and the satellite receiver that you have no use for. If you try to throw them away there is a good chance that you will find that your local waste management will not pick them up. Both satellite dishes and receivers, like many electronics, cannot be disposed of by your local waste management. The receiver itself contains several metals and toxins that would pollute a landfill, including lead. If you’ve been wondering how to recycle a satellite receiver and dish, there are quite a few different options you can take advantage of.

Returning It To the Company

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Satellites and their accessories can often be returned to the satellite company that gave them out. If you see a logo or label on your satellite dish, contact your local satellite company branch. Tell them that you have an old satellite dish and receiver that you have no use for, and that you would like to return it. Often, they will come and pick up the satellite and accessories free of charge whenever they are in the area. They may refer you to a special location that deals with satellite dish recycling.

Taking It To A Recycling Center


Look around your area for a business that recycles used and broken electronics. These businesses make it a top priority to safely recycle and piece out old electronics. Call ahead to see if they are interested in taking your old satellite dish and receiver. Sometimes electronics recycling centers will pay you for used electronics, so this is a great time to gather up all your dated and broken electronics and take them when you go to get rid of your satellite dish and receiver.

Selling Your Satellite Dish

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If you only have an old satellite dish to deal with, you may want to see about selling or giving it away. The satellite dish itself is often praised by satellite enthusiasts and alternative-artists. Satellite Guys will often pay for a satellite in decent condition, and you can deal locally by using Craigslist to find local prospective buyers. If you cannot find anyone to buy your satellite dish, consider donating it to local art projects, such as the Texas Sunflower project, which uses satellite dishes to create environmentally conscious public works of art.

The Importance of Proper Satellite Dish Disposal

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Knowing how to recycle a satellite receiver is essential for preventing a build-up of dangerous electronic waste, that affects everyone. It is very important to take all the necessary steps to recycle your satellite dishes and receivers. These steps may take a little bit of extra leg work, but they are vital to help prevent the damage to soil from the toxins and metals contained in electronics. Toxins can leak into ground water and contaminate both land and water far from the source. Recycling your satellite receivers and dishes is both responsible and environmentally conscious, as well as the law.


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