Inexpensive and Easy Recycled Paper Gifts

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Making recycled paper gifts is a great way to create homemade presents that the recipients most likely will not already have. These [craft projects](/tools/Those extra pieces of paper you think are useless can actually prove to be quite advantageous when creating special and unique gifts.) are also a good way to spice up boring objects into something fun and exciting. Even those that are on a tight budget can make a gift for next to nothing.

Decoupage Vase

All of the junk mail you get may not seem like much more than an annoyance, but it can actually become something beautiful. Take all the paper and cut it up into squares that are only millimeters in size. Throw them all into a large container and mix them together. Purchase a plain vase, or use one you already have, and coat it with a layer of glue. Stick the vase in the container and roll it around until the entire outside is coated with the paper. After you pull the vase out, pat down the paper so it sticks, then let it dry. Use a spray glue to put a coat of glue over it to hold the paper into place.

Accessories Box

If you know someone that loves accessories, make an accessories box for them. Cut out pictures from magazines of various items she would like, for example, earrings, necklaces and rings. Find any type of box in good condition that she could put a good amount of accessories into. Coat the outside of the box with a thin layer of glue, then stick on the pictures; you can overlap them or put them side by side. Use as many as it takes to cover all the sides of the box. When the paper is completely dry, put another layer of glue over the surface to seal them on.


To create the recycled paper artwork, purchase a white piece of poster board and a frame, then cut the poster board to fit inside the frame. Draw any type of design on it that you wish, whether it be stripes, polka dots or any other that you like. Chop up paper into pieces that are a few millimeters wide. Opt for paper that has colors on it, such as magazine ads or advertisements from junk mail. Trace over the design with glue, then throw the pieces all over the poster board focusing on the areas where the glue is. Shake off the excess pieces then let the glue dry. To set the paper, spray it with spray glue, then let it set.

When creating the present, keep in mind the recipient’s hobbies and loves in order to create the perfect gift. The result can be thoughtful and interesting works of art. Creating recycled paper gifts may take some time and effort, but it can be worth it to give loved ones gifts specifically tailored to their preferences.