Using Recycled Glass for Floors: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Conventional Flooring Options

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Another Green Alternative

Eco-friendly flooring options are many, from cork and bamboo to linoleum, but have you tried recycled glass for floors. Although it’s not widely used when compared to other “green” alternatives, recycled glass can be a very nice choice – especially if you want a handcrafted style and visual appeal. Recycled glass tiles can look very beautiful on your drawing room and kitchen.

In the United States, community-recycling programs have encouraged people to recycle glass. But, still over 50 percent of waste glass ends up in landfills. In order to cope up with this landfill waste, the glass is recycled and then used for a wide range of purposes. Nowadays, glass is also used in making glass tiles and other glass items.

The best sources of reclaimed glass are window glass and bottles. The glass is cleaned and arranged according to the type and color, heated to temperatures over 2000 degrees on sophisticated furnaces and melted down to a homogeneous mass. The molten glass is then trimmed and formed into beautiful and colorful tiles.

The reason why reclaimed glass is used to make recycled glass for floors is only because of its zero-VOC or any other chemical content. It does not absorb smoke or any other fumes and doesn’t absorb any stains. It is considered to be an eco-friendly material.

Benefits & Drawbacks

Green homeowners cite several advantages of recycled glass tiles. Some benefits are as follows:

They do not hold stains or absorb water, and that’s why it is mainly used in bathrooms and kitchens. Ordinary ceramic tiles attract stains and are quite vulnerable to mildew and mold growth. Using recycled glass, homeowners are assured that glass prevents the growth of bacteria.  

Recycled glass tiles do not absorb light unlike ceramic tiles. They reflect light – making rooms more bright and colorful.

 Recycled glass tiles appeals the eye because they are quite colorful and vibrant. There’s a wide range of color choices available, and the near-infinite design choices make every homeowner go gaga over this excellent eco-friendly choice.


The major disadvantage of recycled glass tiles for floors is their cost. A conventional tile costs around $2-$3 per square foot, whereas these eco-friendly tiles cost around $15-$20 tile per square foot. Moreover, professional installation charges can also be a burden to the overall cost of buying and installing recycled glass tiles.

Glass attracts scratches and recycled glass is no different than ordinary glass. The smoother the tile, the more scratches it will attract. When buying and installing recycled glass, make sure you don’t buy plain or clear glass, but go for glass tiles with rough texture.

The best place to buy designer eco-friendly recycled glass tiles is bedrock industries. This company supports recycling and creates unbelievable handcrafted recycled glass tiles from reclaimed glass. also offers translucent recycled glass tiles at attractive discounts for homeowners.

Once the recycled glass for floors has been installed, you need to take certain measures to ensure it is long lasting. Avoid sand and dirt by mopping or sweeping the glass tiles regularly. Use warm water and detergent when mopping. Remember, sand and dirt may scratch the glass surface, so mop regularly.