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What is a Wind Farm, Anyway?

Before visiting a wind farm tourism attraction, you might need to explain to a companion or kids exactly what constitutes a wind farm. Simply put, a wind farm is a collection of windmills or wind turbines that generate power. How it works is the force of the windmills or wind turbines pushing through the atmosphere creates a force similar or equal to electricity. The attraction is that the structures are massive, educational and quite impressive to watch.

Locations of Wind Farms

While a wind farm might very well be part of a traditional farm, usually you’ll have to find accommodations in another part of the city or town in which the wind farm is located. Wind “farms” are often located on open land near an open body of water, such as Lake Erie or Cape Cod.

When planning your trip, keep in mind that some areas of the world just haven’t caught on to wind farm operations as a potentially viable source of alternative energy. A few parts of the globe that significantly support wind farms are as follows:

  • Europe, especially the United Kingdom.
  • United States, especially the West Coast and Northeast.
  • As of 2010, India is busy securing funding for wind farms. Thus, a number of potential tourist attractions associated with working wind farms might be available as the 2010s progress.

Wind Farm Tours in Benton County, Indiana

Windmill tours of operational wind farms in Benton County, Indiana in the Midwestern United States will be available in the near future, according to an April 2010 review of the “Windmill Tours in Benton County, Indiana” website.

You may want to combine your visit to small-town Indiana with other farming communities. For those who also enjoy visiting major cities, this part of Indiana is just a few hours driving distance from major cities such as Indianapolis as well as Louisville, Kentucky. You can often find entirely non-smoking hotels in this part of the United States; a few green-certified hotels operated by major lodging chains are also typically available accommodation choices.

Some Parting Tips

If you know you’re headed to a particular destination for a personal or business trip, consider checking in with the locality’s Chamber of Commerce or Convention and Visitors Bureau. Often, you cannot find a wind farm tourism attraction just by doing a quick online search. Also, some places that have “wind farm” in their name are really agricultural farms that do not have any windmills or wind turbines for you to see; some of these “wind farms” also do not participate in any aspects of alternative energy. Once you acquire the names of legitimate wind farms, often a simple telephone call or e-mail can get you on your way to a memorable sightseeing adventure.


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