Compare Composting Toilets

Compare Composting Toilets
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Types of Composting Toilets

Composting toilet systems are on the rise both for green homeowners and green builders. Though setting up and using a composting toilet system is no longer difficult to implement, sometimes choosing the right system for your needs can be a difficult process. To help in making this decision, here we compare the best of the two composting toilet systems that are on the market today; Envirolet and Biolet.

It is important to note that there are two different types of composting toilet systems on the market for residential use. One type is called the continual process composting system and the second type is called the batch composting system. In the continual system, the toilet is continuously in a stage of composting where the batch system works by switching out a filled container for an empty one. Both of these composting systems break down waste materials by using both macro and micro organisms. Each system also is built to help evaporate moisture in order to contribute to waste material dehydration.

BioLet Composting Toilets

The BioLet company currently offers a range of four types of composting toilets. The BioLet 10 Standard, BioLet 20 Deluxe, BioLet 30 NE and the BioLet 60 XL all have one thing in common that differ from other types of composting toilets in that they require an electrical source for evaporation and heating of the waste materials. The various names of the composting toilets that BioLet offers are created from how much waste material can be composted at one time. The smallest size being the 10 Standard, which is made for a small family and moving up to the 60 XL that can be used by up to six people on a part-time basis. These composting toilets fall under the batch system.

Besides needing an electrical source, these toilets also come with a set of trap doors that open automatically when someone sits down on the toilet.The trap doors are convenient in that there is never a need to make sure someone “puts the lid down” but it is also another reason that an electrical source is needed.

The BioLet toilets all come with an in house composting type bucket. The bucket sits under the seat and has to be manually stirred using external rods. Shown above and to the left is the BioLet 10 Standard which is the smallest model that they offer. For more information on the BioLet composting toilets, visit their main web site at

Envirolet Composting Toilets


The Envirolet composting toilets are made by Sancor Industries, Ltd. They currently have four types of composting toilets that come in a variety of designs and colors. Ranging from type one, which is a wireless self-contained unit through to type four which showcases Envirolet’s FlushSmart VF technology, there is bound to be one type to fit the average residential need.

The FlushSmart VF technology allows for a composting toilet system that can flush up to seventy feet away. The reasoning behind this distance is a result of many green homeowners who want to use a composting toilet but have not been able to in the past due to the distance of where they can place the bulk of their composting system. With FlushSmart, a modern looking toilet can be installed and used much like a normal toilet but the waste materials are carried away from the home to the composting system in another location.

The Envirolet composting toilets have more advantages beyond the FlushSmart system. The toilets are stylish and can be ordered to match the colors of an existing bathroom. Buyers can choose between water systems that use only .2L of water or waterless systems both of which come with the option of having a remote. Only the first model falls under the batch system, where the other models available fall under the continual system. Also, these composting toilet systems come with a Lifetime Warranty on the body of the toilet and a five-year warranty on internal parts.

All in all, the Envirolet composting systems are hard to beat and are rising in popularity due to both function and beauty. Shown above and to the left is the Waterless Remote Composting system in Green. For more information, visit their main web site at



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