Repurpose a Baby Crib: Eco-friendly Ideas

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Becoming eco-friendly is not hard, you just need to become creative. Here are a few ideas on how to repurpose a baby crib. With fewer products polluting our landfills, the Earth will thank you!

Repurpose a Baby Crib Into an Easel

A crib can be transformed into an easel by dismantling the headboard of the crib and striping all extra parts away from it. Depending on the type of baby crib you are dealing with there may be parts that need to be unscrewed or cut off. Screwdrivers and power tools will be needed to repurpose a crib into an easel.

Once the headboard is dismantled it can be painted if needed. In addition, if the wood is deteriorating it can be sanded down and a coat of primer can be applied. Chalkboard paint can be applied to the middle of the easel to create a chalkboard for a child to play with. Paint, sand paper, primer and chalkboard paint can be purchased online or at a hardware or home decorating store. It may be necessary to use two coats of chalkboard paint.

Create a Twin Bed Headboard Frame

Repurpose a crib into headboard frame for a twin bed by taking the crib apart and separating the parts. Get materials such as screwdrivers, cutting tools, paint, sandpaper and primer. The headboard of the crib can be sanded down with sandpaper and painted to match a bedroom set. Attach it to the wall above the head of the twin bed for a finished touch and new decor.

Turn a Crib Into a Drying Rack

A crib can be recycled into a drying rack for wet clothes. Tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, nails, and a saw will be needed for this project. Use the screwdriver to take the crib apart and a saw to cut and shape the side rails and any additional wood that can be used to turn the crib into a drying rack.

Create a Wall Organizer

Disassemble the baby crib to create a wall organizer. Gather tools such as screwdrivers, paint, brushes and lacquer. Use the side rail and shape it into a preferable size and shape for your room by cutting it. The wall organizer can be painted to your desired color or a lacquer can be applied to restore the wood’s natural finish.

Save the Baby Crib To Use it For Another Child

Reuse a baby crib by repurposing it to its natural condition. Make sure that the crib is still in good condition and that it will be safe to reuse. Make sure that there are no cracks under the mattress and along the support area. Use paint or lacquer to restore the baby crib back to its natural finish.

  • Use the repurposed crib for a second child or ask others if they know anyone who needs a crib.
  • Consider placing an ad online since many websites allow you to post an ad for free.
  • Baby cribs can also be donated to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. This type of charity will help expectant mothers who don’t have enough money to buy a new baby crib.

Concluding Thoughts

There are many uses for a repurposed baby crib. Consider restoring the crib to reuse or creating something completely different. Repurposing a crib eliminates waste and can save a large amount of trees from being cut down.