The Best Rated Organic Lawn Fertilizers

The Best Rated Organic Lawn Fertilizers
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Why Organic?

There are so many benefits to using some of the best-rated organic lawn fertilizers. Made from natural ingredients, and often created with eco-friendly practices, they provide nourishment for the earth, for beneficial micro-organisms, and for the grass. With chemical fertilizers, toxic compounds are being introduced into the soil. This lowers the soil-quality, and is detrimental to the lawn over the long-term. Beneficial microorganisms, earthworms, and other lawn-friendly creatures cannot thrive in a chemical atmosphere.

With an eco-friendly lawn, children and pets are free to play in a non-toxic environment. Chemical residues are not tracked into the house and introduced into the indoor air environment. The air around the home is always clean and safe to breathe. Organic fertilizers are also better for the lawn. They provide adequate nutrition, which encourages deep-rooted growth, and thick, vibrant grass. Nutrients and carbon dioxide are released slowly, improving soil structure and assisting the breakdown of nitrogen into nitrates. A natural lawn fertilizer will ultimately produce a remarkably healthy lawn that will nurture itself throughout the seasons.


TerraCycle produces a rich lawn fertilizer made from worm poop. Worm poop is a good source of nitrate nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It is an ideal food for the earth, and is beneficial for all soil types. This organic fertilizer is even made with eco-friendly means. Worms digest and recycle organic waste, creating the fertilizer, which is then liquefied, and packaged in reused soda bottles. TerraCycle lawn fertilizer can be sprayed onto the lawn with a hose (it comes with a hose-end attachment).

Ringer Lawn Restore

Another productive natural product on the market is the Ringer lawn fertilizer. It is completely natural, and beneficial for the entire lawn environment. Made from feather meal, bone meal, and soybean meal, it provides essential nutrients for thick, luscious grass. In pellet-form, simply sprinkle over the lawn during the spring or fall months to promote healthy growth.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind Premium Fertilizer is also a nutrient-rich, organic product. It has a very high nitrogen content, and is rich in potassium. Potassium is ideal for producing strong, durable grass. There is also humic acid in Peace of Mind, which encourages the uptake of essential nutrients. This fertilizer is made from feather meal, bone meal, bat guano, kelp meal, sulfates, rock phosphate, and gypsum. One box covers 150 square feet of lawn. Distribute evenly, and water.

When using one of the best rated organic lawn fertilizers, be sure to read each product’s instructions. Overall, using organic fertilizers should decrease water use, but adequate hydration may be necessary in the beginning. Also, most products are more effective when applied in the spring and fall, to enrich the lawn during the winter months, or before growth in the summer. Enjoy any of these green products for an eco-friendly lawn.


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