Reuse Plastic Pop Bottle Crafts

Reuse Plastic Pop Bottle Crafts
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Pencil Holders and Storage Containers from Plastic Pop Bottle Crafts

One of the best ways to reuse plastic pop bottles is to cut the top off and decorate the bottle for a quick pencil holder, or other storage container. They make perfect containers for most household supplies because they are clear and the contents can be seen easily. If the pop bottle wrapper is stuck to the outside, simply soak it in water for a while until it is easily removed.

For storing very small items, the plastic bo

ttle can be cut an inch from the bottom. This creates a shallow tray for the storage of tiny items such as paper clips, nuts, bolts, push pins, etc. The top of the bottle, including the cap, can then be turned over and glued to the inside of the bottle bottom, this creates a large storage area rising up out of the shallow tray for larger items such as pens and pencils.

Knitting and Weaving Plastic Pop Bottles Crafts

Plastic pop bottles can be used as knitting and weaving looms. To use a pop bottle as a knitting loom, cut off the top and bottom off the bottle. Using a piece of paper, make a template. The template will be used to draw the pegs of the weaving loom along the top of the plastic bottle. On the paper, draw hash marks every ½ an inch. Cut out every other section, making it ¾ of an inch deep. Use the paper template to trace the pegs onto the plastic pop bottle. Using scissors, or a sharp knife, cut the notches out of the top of the plastic bottle to make the knitting loom.

To use a plastic pop bottle as a weaving loom, tie a very long piece of yarn around the top of a whole plastic bottle. The width of the bottle will determine the circumference of the finish weaving. Leave the ends of the yarn hanging. Cut 23 lengths of yarn that are 2 feet long. Fold these in half and feed the center loop up through the yarn tied around the bottle. Feed the ends through the loop to attach them to the yarn. Do this with each one, as there are 24 sections of yarn hanging from the top of the bottle. Weave yarn through each of these yarns, under, over, under, over, etc. until the weave is finished.

Another way to use plastic pop bottles in weaving crafts is to weave the bottle itself. Cut the bottle into long plastic strips and weave them into coasters, baskets, or small boxes.

Beads from Plastic Pop Bottle Crafts

A common way to reuse pop bottles in crafts is to make beads from them. The plastic is cut into strips around the perimeter of the bottle. Then the plastic is decorated using paint or paper. Decorative paper glued just inside the center of the plastic strip works well. The plastic is then heated and curled into a small bead. Be very careful when heating plastic, only do this in a well-ventilated area and use a low source of heat such as a hair dryer.

Bottom of the Bottle Stars in Plastic Pop Bottle Crafts

The bottom of most plastic bottles consist of a star shape that when cut out and glued to a similar star shape, makes a pretty sun catcher in the window. Another idea for using the plastic stars is to cut them out and sew many of them together to create a small privacy screen.

Toddler Plastic Pop Bottle Crafts

Plastic pop bottles make cute toddler crafts as noisemakers. Place a few small beads, beans, or other hard and tiny objects into the pop bottle. Place a line of glue into the lid and screw the cap back on the bottle. Glue the cap to a wooden dowel; this forms the handle of the noisemaker. Let the children decorate the pop bottles with paint and stickers. When they are dry, tie decorative ribbons to the outside of the noisemaker. This craft works well for the Forth of July holiday, as toddlers will have fun shaking their plastic pop bottle noisemakers to celebrate the festivities.

Plastic Pop Bottle Crafts for Planting Indoors or in the Garden

plastic bottle planter

Large two liter plastic pop bottles can be used in the garden to water plants, simply poke a few holes in the bottom and set it near a thirsty plant. It will release the water slowly allowing the water to reach the roots of the plant, rather than running off the top of the soil and away from the plant. Also, large two liter plastic pop bottles make great pots for growing plants.

The smaller plastic pop bottles can be used to start seeds indoors, by cutting off the top and filling them with soil. Be sure to put a few holes in the bottom of the bottle for drainage. Cutting the top off the bottle, and placing it upside down inside the bottom of the bottle, creates an instant pot for an indoor plant.

Think ‘green’ when crafting with recycled materials, including plastic pop bottle crafts. Check the recycle bin often - there are projects for all ages to be created!