Environmentally Friendly Plant Containers

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A Better Way to Grow Plants

Plastics account for tons of the waste that is piling up in junkyards across the nation. Unfortunately, these products aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Plastics do not biodegrade for many years, and it’s possible that many plastics never will. Planting pots have been made from plastic for years, and make up a large portion of plastic waste.

The good news is that there is a better way to grow plants than by using plastic pots. Whether temporary seedling pots are needed, or more permanent and stylish flower pots are desired, there are some amazing choices out there. Here are some of the best environmentally friendly plant containers available.

Cow Pots

Cow pots are made from cow manure! Not only are these pots completely biodegradable, but also these pots are plantable. Since the pot breaks down in the soil over time, and the roots grow right through the porous pot, planters don’t have to remove the plant from the pot before planting. These flower pots are free of any odors, even though they are made from cow manure. Even when wet, there is no odor. Cow pots also boost the nutrients in the soil, giving plants natural growth support.

Coconut Fiber Pots

Coconut fiber pots, made from coconut husks, are a good way to replace peat pots. Since peat is a finite resource, and coconut is infinite, coconut fiber pots are a more environmentally friendly choice. The husk of the coconut is typically thrown away, so coconut pots make good use of material that is typically considered waste. These pots are mold resistant, and absorb water more effectively than peat pots. Coconut pots will last till time to replant, at which time the entire pot is planted in a bigger container, or simply placed in the ground, pot and all.

Other Biodegradable Pots

Made from a mixture of straw, peanut shells, bamboo, and rice hulls, there are biodegradable pots available that look as nice as they are to the environment. These pots come in a variety of colors and styles, and last for several years indoors. They are available online through Alibaba.com. Although these pots are meant to last for several growing seasons, once thrown away, they will quickly degrade. This is great for the environment. Not only are the pots made from natural, biodegradable resources, but they are nice to have around the house. These pots work great for indoor houseplants or outdoor potted plants for the porch.

Year after year, plastic flower pots get tossed into the trash by the millions. There they stay, filling up landfills with plastic that may never decompose. What a difference it would make if everyone made a simple change from plastic pots to environmentally friendly plant containers. With no additional effort, a greener way of living couldn’t be easier.


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