Why Your Business Should Go Green: Save the Earth & Save Money

Why Your Business Should Go Green: Save the Earth & Save Money
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Why You Should Green Your Company

There are multiple ways eco-friendly practices can help a business grow and thrive. Below are just a few:

  • Attract Employees. In this day and age, younger people especially are looking for businesses which have a green stamp on them. For these potential employees who spend long hours at work, they want to observe eco-friendly practices there as well as at home. It’s more than a trend - it’s a lifestyle.

  • Attract New Customers & Clients. Now more than ever, clients look for a green label on a product. If you’re not selling a particular product per se, customers still look for companies that utilize the green movement and tend to buy from them. For example, all of these businesses are now green: McDonald’s, Anheuser-Busch, Continental Airlines and DuPont.

  • Maintain Current Customers: How green the company is may be the deciding factor in the customer’s mind. You don’t believe it? Look at McDonald’s. They work in conjunction with PETA to ensure a humane and environmentally friendly atmosphere in all of their restaurants and corporation. They do so to keep their existing customers and attract new ones. Also, look at Anheuser-Busch who, according to Business Pundit, says, “Busch now saves 21 million pounds of metal per year by trimming an eighth of an inch off the diameter of its beer cans.” And they tote it as “Natural Capitalism.” Nice touch!

  • Save Money: Okay, you probably knew this one already. But do you realize how much money going green can save your business? As ABCnews.com reports, “DuPont cut its emissions and saved $3 billion over the past decade by using cleaner technologies to make chemicals and textiles.” FedEx now runs its airport operations based in Oakland, CA almost entirely on solar power. FedEx director of environmental programs Mitch Jackson says, “We will have a clean renewable supply of power at a consistent price, free, from the sun, for 30 years.”

  • Saves YOUR Business a Lot of Money. The above examples are corporate giants. But think on a smaller scale. If big corporations are saving billions of dollars, your business will be saving hundreds or thousands per year. For example, perhaps you have a refrigerator in your office. If it’s old and clunky, your energy bills may be pretty high. Replacing it with an energy efficient refrigerator will drive down energy costs dramatically - just watch the amount owed on your electric bill plummet. That’s hundreds of dollars every year you’re saving from replacing one office appliance.

Psychological Impact of Going Green

Happy Employees in the Office

Besides the impact on the environment and saving money, there is a wonderful psychological impact on employees and customers when going green. Here are some examples:

  • You will be teaching your employees to be more responsible protectors of the earth. In turn, they will teach others. Who doesn’t love ending the work day feeling good that you’ve made a positive impact in someone’s life?

  • You will create a positive atmosphere for employees. Even the employees that may be a little resistant can still catch the positive vibes in your office. Happiness is contagious. If you create a work environment your employees will positively respond to, you will receive more work out of them and more loyalty to the brand.

  • You can keep ideas flowing and stimulate creativity. Ask your employees how to save more money and keep things green. Listen to suggestions and implement those that are worthy. Your employees will feel appreciated and creative ideas will flow in the office.

Becoming more eco-friendly is the right thing to do for both employees and customers and saves you cash. Implement the tips listed in this article and you will make your company an eco-friendly and happy place to work.


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