Fun Ways on How to Recycle or Reuse Baby Formula Cans: Crafts and Organization to Keep Them Out of the Trash

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After all the baby formula parents can go through to feed their child, there could be a substantial amount of baby formula cans that end up in the trash. These cans can be incredibly useful in and around the home. Following through with fun ways on how to recycle or reuse baby formula cans can be an inexpensive, eco-friendly way for you to add a little more organization to your home.


According to information on, five hundred years from now a can will still be a can. That’s right, that formula can you throw in the garbage now will still be a can generations down the road. While items can be recycled, it still takes a lot less energy to reuse the baby formula cans then to recycle it.

Some baby formula cans are made from tin while others are made from a mix of cardboard and tin. The cans made from tin can be tossed in with your other tin recycling. The ones that are a mix can be more difficult to recycle due to the combination of materials, so you are better off reusing them.

Rock Salt Spreader

Instead of using a cup or holding the bag to sprinkle rock salt around your property when it gets icy, keep some rock salt in the baby formula can. To make it easier to dispense, cut four or five holes into the bottom of the can that are large enough so the rock salt can get through. When you want to sprinkle the rock salt, shake the can for the salt to disperse.

Toilet Paper Storage

One large baby formula can has the capability to store a single roll of toilet paper. Instead of using toilet paper storage, this is a good opportunity to reuse one of the cans. To make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing, decorate the outside of the can in a theme that matches your bathroom.

Piggy Bank

Reusing a baby formula can by creating a piggy bank is a cute way to save money for yourself or your child. Glue scrapbooking paper or pictures, even those of you and your child, onto the outside of the can. Use a box cutter to make a rectangular shape size cutout in the lid.

Small Toy Container

For any small toys your child may have, such as army men or building blocks, use the container to keep them all in one place. Print out pictures of the items from the internet, and then use the pictures to decorate the outside of the container. It is an easy way to decorate the cans and label what is inside of them.

Scrapbooking Materials Organizer

Scrapbooking materials can be small and delicate and can easily get lost or damaged. Use a baby formula can to keep all your materials organized. You can either mix them all together or put one type in each can. Decorate the outside of each can with beautiful scrapbooking paper.

Photograph Holder

When you print out photographs, you may be one of the many people that does not have a chance to put them into photo albums right away. Use a baby formula can to keep your loose photographs protected until you can put them into an album. Make duplicates of some of your favorite photographs to glue onto the outside of the can to create an interesting photo collage.

Think of the benefits when you find fun ways on how to recycle or reuse baby formula cans. A few simple craft projects can also mean tailor-made décor around your home that you did not have to pay for. Reusing baby formula cans can be a great way to help the environment and yourself at the same time.