Senior Citizens and Home Energy Conservation: Small Changes Equal Savings

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Home energy conservation is incredibly important not only for the environment but also for the wallet as well. Simple and easy changes can mean big savings for senior citizens.

Conserve Water

For senior men that typically shave in the shower or over the sink while the water runs, a more conservation-friendly method is to fill up the sink with a few inches of water, which you can use to rinse off the razor. Other ways to conserve water are to take shorter showers and not run the water while you brush your teeth. In addition, you can also use containers to catch rainwater and use that to water your plants.

Replace Old Appliances

Even though you may have had certain appliances for years, they could be wasting a lot of energy, which in turn can end up incurring extra power costs. Consider upgrading to newer appliances, preferably those with the Energy Star label. Even though you shell out money up front for the appliances, you could end up saving money in the long run.

Use Draft Blockers

Consider using draft blockers under doors where a draft may come in. Hot or cold air could blow in and can create an uncomfortable environment inside, which in turn may cause you to put on the air conditioner or heater. Draft blockers are inexpensive and any home improvement store should have them.

Use Less Light

Another easy way to partake in home conservation is to use less lights. Some senior citizens may have trouble seeing in the dark and may turn on a larger light. Instead, consider small night-lights which emit much less energy but can still provide a substantial amount of light. Put them in areas, such as in the bathroom or on stairs, where extra light is necessary. Make sure only leave lights on in the room that you are in. In addition, change all the regular light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs that use much less energy.

Cool Off or Heat Rooms Properly

When using the air conditioner or heater in one room, keep the door to that room closed. If no one is in any other room but that one, it can be futile to spend money to heat or cool off those areas. During nice weather, instead of turning on a fan or the air conditioner, consider opening up some windows. The fresh air can feel refreshing and can also help make the rooms less stuffy. It is an easy way to partake in home conservation without spending a dime. Adjusting the thermostat and layering up on clothing is an easy and cheaper way to keep warm in winter.

Senior citizens can do their part to help the environment by practicing home energy conservation. Although some changes may be harder than others due to long standing habits, they can be completely worth it. Even simple changes can have a big impact.