Where To Find Recycled "Stuff" For Baby Room Decor

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The decision to purchase recycled “stuff” for baby room decorating is one that has a positive impact on both green-friendly homes and the outside environment. When using baby items made from recycled wood materials, plastic, and fibers, new parents are reducing the amount of waste buildup on the planet while protecting their babies from potentially toxic elements. Several online stores and product blogs specialize in recycled, organic, and safe baby room items.

Recycled Wood Items For Baby Room

Pristine Planet, founded in 2004, is a comparison-shopping site that features reclaimed wood furniture and toys designed by various green merchants and organizations. Parents can visit Pristine Planet to find information on baby products made from reclaimed wood such as:

--the Reclaimed Wood Furniture Peg Shelf by Craftsman’s Corner. This durable and practical shelf is ideal for holding essential baby care items, and the peg-shaped hooks can be used for hanging diaper bags and outdoor baby wear. The Peg Shelf is crafted from recycled antique wood.

--the Natural Maple Teether/Grasping Toy Sheep by Little Sapling Toys. This handmade teething toy is made with recycled wood materials and has a non-toxic finish for baby’s safety.

--the Reclaimed Wood Furniture Bedside Stand by Craftsman’s Corner. This stand can easily be placed in a baby nursery and used for storing clothes, wipes, and diapers. The Bedside Stand is handmade from recycled vintage wood materials.

Recycled/Organic Baby Bedding

GreenandMore.com offers a variety of recycled bedding materials for babies, including blankets, crib sheets, and crib skirts. These GreenandMore products are made with recycled fibers and other environmentally-friendly materials:

--the Cotton Monkey Organic Crib Baby Bedding collection. These cotton baby blankets, crib skirts, crib bumpers, and crib sheets are designed from biodegradable and recyclable cotton and wool fabrics. The organic Cotton Monkey baby bedding line features products that are made with non-toxic dyes and are available in five different patterns.

--the Organic Cotton Kids and Baby Crib Bedding sets. Available in patterns that feature sports cars, jungle cats, or hearts and flowers, these bedding sets are made with organic cotton and a recycled polyester fill. Each set includes a fitted sheet, a bumper, a crib skirt, and a comforter.

Green Baby Clothing And Products

Great Green Baby is a product blog that promotes recycled baby clothes, bath gear, and toys. Some of the items featured at Great Green Baby include:

--the Simple Shoes Infant’s Weebit baby shoe line. This colorful collection of infant shoes is designed with recycled wool, recycled plastics, and organic cotton.

--the Organic Nest Seat, a two-piece baby seat filled with recycled cloth and covered in green-colored organic cotton.

Finding recycled “stuff” for baby room furnishings is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, as many cute products that help the environment are available. Parents who use eco-friendly baby products can contribute to the possibility of a cleaner world for their children.


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