Unique CD Recycle Crafts: How to Reuse CDs by Making Creative Crafts

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With the invention of music downloads and mp3 players, think about how many CDs sit unused and taking up space. Whether you receive unwanted CDs from programs through the mail, you no longer want the CDs you own, or your personal ones are scratched and unplayable, then you can reuse them instead of throwing them out in the garbage. The budget-friendly, kid-friendly crafts can turn your unwanted CDs into something worth keeping around.

Picture Ornaments

Create picture ornaments out of old CDs. Cut a piece of decorative paper to the size of the CD and glue it on either side. Find a picture that the recipient would enjoy, for example, a family or pet photograph. Tie a piece of yarn through the hole, then up and around to tie a knot several inches from the top of the CD so it forms a loop. Center the picture onto the front of the CD, then glue it on top of the paper.

Tiled Planter

Purchase a plain planter of any material. Put the CDs in a bag and smash them with a heavy object. Keep the pieces relatively big. After the CDs are smashed, pull out the larger pieces and discard of the smaller ones. Apply glue to each side of the planter and adhere the pieces one at a time in scattered fashion. Let each side dry thoroughly before putting a plant in the planter.

Hanging Plaque

Tie a piece of yarn through the hole of the CD and tie a knot to form a loop. Take a piece of decorative fabric, cut two pieces to fit the shape of the CD, then glue it onto each side over the piece of yarn. Print out a poem, a saying or your own words onto a piece of card stock. Cut the paragraph out into a square or circle shape, leaving a slight border around the edge. Adhere the piece onto one side of the CD, smooth down, and then let dry.

Notepad Holder

Glue a piece of decorative paper onto one side of the CD. Put two small Velcro circles toward the top edge of the CD, and then stick the corresponding Velcro circles onto one side of a pen. In the center of the CD, place a pack of sticky notes with the sticky section of the last piece of paper stuck to the CD. The newly made notepad holder can lay flat on a desk and be at your disposal when you need it.

Before you toss that CD, take another look at it and envision it as a completely useful item. After completion, the unique gifts can be budget friendly gifts for loved ones. Crafts using CDs saves them from going into the landfill and gives you some interesting project ideas to do by yourself or with your family.