How Can You Reuse Plastic Six Pack Holders in the Home?

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Your children and possibly your grandchildren will be alive when the plastic six pack holder that was tossed in the landfill finally decomposes. According to the National Park Service, it takes one hundred years for a single plastic six pack holder to decompose. While this plastic item may seem easy to throw out without a second thought, there are many ways you can reuse plastic six pack holders around the home.

Keep Flowers in Order

Whether you have faux or real flowers, you can reuse plastic six pack holders to keep the center flowers standing straight and organized. Leave the rings intact or separate them into individual rings, then put them around the base of the flowers that are in the center of the bouquet. The rings, which you will not be able to see through the front flowers, can keep the center flowers standing upright.

Photo Ornaments

Cut the six pack rings into individual rings. You can either leave a square or circle shaped frame around the circle to create the base for your photo ornament. Glue decorative paper onto the front border of the frame. Cut your chosen photo to the size of the ornament and make sure that the image is visible through the circle. Next, glue the photo to the back of the frame so the front of the photo faces out through the circle. Using the same paper you used to cover the front of the frame, put a solid piece across the back so you cover both the back of the frame and the photo. Hole punch a hole into the top of the ornament and tie a ribbon through it to form a loop.

Keep Ribbon Organized

While ribbon usually comes on a roll, leftover, still usable pieces of ribbon are left without anywhere to go. Tie these pieces onto the plastic six pack holder. It can keep them organized until you are ready to use them for craft projects or when wrapping gifts.

Organized Desk Items

Paint or use marker to color the plastic six pack holder. Glue it onto the top of a small box that is the same width as the holder. You then can put a separate desk item in each hole. For example, in one you can put pencils, another scissors and another pens. It will keep all of them organized in one space but separated for an easy way to quickly grab what you need, when you need it.

Before you toss those plastic rings in the garbage, think of how much use you can get out of them by reusing them. It is a huge help to the environment and to the many animals that may have been hurt or killed by getting entangled in the rings. By reusing plastic six pack holders, you get a lot of use out of a simple item and can help the environment in one action.