Ideas for Throwing an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

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Invitation Ideas

There are several options to choose from when shopping for eco-friendly baby shower invitations. While most people tend to pick up a readily available pack of pre-made cards, it’s best to take the extra time to find invitations made with recycled paper. A fun idea in addition to the recycled paper is to use invitations that have plant seeds embedded into the paper. When the invitation is no longer needed, the card is planted into potting soil. The growing plant will be a pleasant reminder of the new baby.

Another option is to send invitations to the potential guests through e-mail or by using electronic invitations. These options save both trees and the energy that would be expended when making paper invitations.

Party Favors

Consider placing party favors inside reusable containers instead of disposable plastic containers. Small candies or potpourri can be placed inside small fabric bags. Larger favors can be placed in recycled gift boxes or gift bags made from recycled paper.

Multi-use metal containers or recycled glass gift containers such as empty baby food jars will also hold party favors while offering a pretty presentation for guests. Glue a piece of fabric over the lid and tie a fabric ribbon around the lid’s edge (over the fabric edge) for a nice look. Gifts like soy candles will be appreciated by guests whether they are green-oriented or not.


Decorate for the baby shower by using baby gifts. A clothesline strung across the wall, filled with gently used baby clothes and rattles makes a cute decoration.

Though plastic table covers make after-party clean-up easy, linen table covers add an elegant atmosphere to the baby shower setting without filling the landfills with plastic. Soy candles can be placed near each end of the table. Use decorative plates instead of throwaway food platters for pretty presentation. Serve the guests on glass or ceramic plates and glassware instead of using disposables. Natural plants add a touch of color and life to the table and can be reused at a later time for a room decoration by the hostess or mother-to-be. The plants can also make a nice door prize for guests. Serve organic food.

Organic Baby Products

Make sure to inform guests on the invitations if the expectant parents prefer organic baby products. When preparing the gifts, find creative ways to wrap the baby items. Blanket-wrapped gifts will double the gift-giving pleasure. Wicker baskets filled with organic clothing and non-toxic toys can be used later as storage containers. The die-hard green mother-to-be will likely appreciate gently-used clothes as a baby gift. This idea will work with gently used baby books and baby toys, too.

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