20 Reasons to go Vegan: Advantages to the Vegan Lifestyle

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Spoiling your Taste Buds

1. There are so many opportunities for delicious meals that you’re currently not trying if you have the average Western diet. Traditional meat main dishes take the place of more nutrient-dense, natural foods. Instead of feeling deprived, most vegans realize all the different tastes and foods they weren’t enjoying before. Indulge your sense of taste in a way you may have never done before by trying vegan foods you never bothered to try when you ate meat.

2. If you want vegan foods that taste like meals you’re accustomed to, that’s easily doable in a healthier way. There’s mock meatloaf and soy chicken. Many Asian restaurants have already featured this meat alternative. Tofurky tastes much better than turkey, and Turtle Mountain coconut-milk-based ice creams rival any dairy ice cream concoction.

3. If you’re single and cooking for yourself, you’re probably familiar with microwave dinners. Amy’s brand microwave meals offer many vegan options packaged as a full meal. They’re healthier than meat-filled alternatives that share the same aisle. If you are looking for a delicious way of eating while watching calories, their website even gives away a diet plan that can be done using Amy’s meals.

4. There are cancer-causing carcinogens in charred meat, and those are surely not missed by even the most reluctant vegetarian. Take a step in the direction of health by making the selfless and selfish choice to go vegan.

Fashion Advantages

5. Formaldehyde, a toxic substance that’s used in embalming people, is used in the manufacturing of fur. The International Agency for Research on Cancer ruled that there’s enough evidence to state that it causes nasopharyngeal cancer, and the Environmental Protection Agency lists it as a carcinogen.

6. Vegan Shoes are now more plentiful in a variety of styles than they ever were before. If you have a shoe addiction, however, going vegan just may cure you of it. You put more thought into your shoes as a vegan, and consideration of ethics in this consumer necessity can lead to all kinds of places. If you’re going vegan for ethical reasons, you may also want to consider buying shoes that are only made in countries with fair labor laws that are enforced. A lot of shoe companies outsource to companies rampant with worker abuses.

7. As a vegan, you have your fashion designers only slightly narrowed. The narrowing points to amazing designers like Stella McCartney whose designs are sure to enhance any wardrobe. Her scent is also vegan and a fantastic feast for the sense of smell of those around you.

Personal Growth

8. Although all of the above are very good reasons for going vegan, some of the best reasons for going vegan include how it helps you as a person. Self-esteem can inevitably rise as knowing that you’re doing the right thing enhances how you feel about your power to change yourself and the world around you.

9. Going vegan can help you find your voice. Even some people who are very shy suddenly find themselves empowered by having something very important to say.

10. Starting to live your life in adherence to vegan principles can help you navigate other aspects of morality with greater clarity. After having stood up to how wrong animal abuse is, abuse in other areas–and ways in which you can help–become clearer.

Money Matters

11. Going vegan can greatly help your pocketbook. Although there are certainly expensive vegan foods on the market, most moderate vegan items are much cheaper than their meat-filled alternatives.

12. Steak is much more expensive than tofu. Vegan dining out can mean you get to indulge in that pleasure twice as often.

13. Making vegan choices also helps you to think about all the purchases in your life. Over-consumption is usually toned down at least slightly when one becomes a vegan. It’s not as easy to make impulsive purchases when some items are clearly leather or meat-filled.

Body Talk

14. The vegan diet can help promote a healthy weight. Although vegans come in all shapes and sizes, any diet can be greatly improved by vegan purification. There are still vegan junk foods, and no weight will be lost if more calories aren’t burned than consumed. However, the vegan diet provides a plethora of healthy choices that tend to be more readily in the homes of vegans.

15. The vegan diet provides plenty of protein for your muscles. Nuts, legumes and beans are sources that are high in protein, and tofu and tempeh is a good compliment to almost any style of cooking.

16. Get lots of energy to work out and run with vegan supplement bars like Luna and Cliff. These tasty treats may have been neglected for candy bars lacking in much nutrition before one goes vegan.

17. Vegans tend to have healthier hearts. The average vegan’s cholesterol is 128. A cholesterol level of 150 is the minimum level for a heart attack.

For the Children

18. Your children can greatly benefit from a vegan diet. Kids raised on a vegan diet eat more fruits and vegetables than their omnivorous peers.

19. Vegan junk food is healthier than regular junk food. Even if you indulge your kid’s sweet tooth, he’ll still be better off with vegan options.

20. Bringing up your child to be vegan can also really enhance your creativity. When a party is being held for children, there’s no need for your child to be alienated or stay home in order to observe his vegan diet. Simply discreetly drop off a vegan version of the food everybody’s enjoying for your child. It may take some forward thinking, but it’s worth it.