10 Natural Makeup Removers You Probably Already Own

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Wearing makeup is a daily ritual for many women. Taking it off at the end of the day can seem like the ultimate chore. Commercial eye make-up removers can leave the eyes burning or feeling dry. There are green, vegan companies like Aveda, Urban Decay and Arbonne that offer green make-up removers. However, it may be possible to save some money and simply go with natural makeup removers that you likely already have lying around your house. Although these products are natural, they are home remedies. As such, they have not been tested for safety and effectiveness around the eyes so you should consult with an expert or medical professional before using any of them on a consistent basis.

Baby Oil

Perhaps something you never would have considered placing near your eyes, baby oil is actually a gentle, effective eye makeup remover. It also works on other areas of the face, but use it sparingly. The oil isn’t always best for the entire face. When used for the eyes, it’s a must.

Less is more when applying it. A few dabs of the oil on a cotton ball or facial tissue is perfect. Rub it over the eyes area while your eyes are gently closed. Depending on how much make up was applied, you may have to repeat the process a couple of times.

Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil

Make a mixture of these two natural ingredients to get a powerful makeup remover that’s also gentle on the skin. You must use 100% aloe vera gel for the mixture. Mix 1 cup of aloe vera gel with 1/2 cup of jojoba oil. Apply with a cotton ball to effectively remove makeup from your face.

Organic Almond Oil

This oil has more widespread use in France. It can double as a make-up remover. It can be used and applied on eyes in the same manner as baby oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

While this will be a bit more greasy around the eyes than organic almond oil, some women claim that extra virgin olive oil is a fantastic eye makeup remover when nothing else is around. It’s gentle, but it’s not good to use on all parts of the face. Be careful not to get too much in your eye itself.

Almond Milk

Almond milk is a fantastic makeup remover for the entire face. Apply it to a cotton ball. Go over your face in circular motions until all of the makeup is off. Again, this may take a couple of tries if there is a lot of makeup on the skin.


Peel a cucumber. Mash it into a paste, adding only a small bit of water. The cucumber has its own natural moisture. Once you’ve made the paste, apply it to your skin liberally to gently scrub away the makeup. The seeds help with exfoliation. Cucumbers have long been placed over the eyes of women needing a pick-me-up or to get rid of bags under the eyes. Using cucumber to remove makeup leaves the skin feeling very refreshed.

Banana and Soy Milk

Mash up a single banana with a tablespoon of soy milk. Mash it together in a cup with a spoon. When it has an even consistently, place it all over the face with your hands. Leave it on the skin for ten minutes, then wash it off for the removal of your makeup. Rinse if any makeup remains. The process can be safely repeated in desired.

Lemon Juice and Rice Milk

Add 2 parts rice milk to 1 part lemon juice. Stir together. Apply this to the skin with a cotton ball or pad to remove makeup effectively from the face, but the eye are should be avoided. Lemon juice left on skin by itself is said to reduce freckles as well, but that’s an unproven theory. This is not for use on the eyes.

Oil Mixture

When you mix an equal amount of canola oil, castor oil and the aforementioned olive oil, a powerful makeup remover is created, one that’s still all-natural. Use it on the face and eyes. Because of the obvious oil in the mixture, this should be used sparingly. It is effective and especially great when you are in need of a quick fix to your usual routine.

Green Tea with Rice Milk

Green tea is full of antioxidants which can be absorbed when ingested, but it’s also good for your skin. Brew green tea and add 1/2 cup of rice milk to one cup of green tea. Mix it well. Let it cool. When it’s at room temperature, apply it liberally to the skin with cotton balls or pads to gently remove make up.

In Closing

These are home remedies that have worked for others, but every person is different. Make sure that you don’t have an allergy to a potential ingredient. Use caution and concern when placing anything near your eyes. Consult a doctor before using any new products.