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Free Fertilizer for Your Lawn and Garden

I remember the first time I took a good look at my lawn after I’d moved into my new place. The grass was so dry and under nourished. My lawn needed some fertilizer and some water, so that’s exactly what I went to get. But when I made it to the home store I saw the price of a good fertilizer and I turned right back around. As I headed back home empty handed I wondered, “why is that stuff so darn expensive?” Truth is, I still don’t know. The only thing that I do know is that it is totally overpriced and I am not spending a dime for the high priced brands.

Have you have been in dying need of a good fertilizer? If so, consider this free option for organic lawn and garden fertilizer:

Head down to a local farm. Ask the farmer if you can have a portion of their chicken manure. Now, you make think asking a farmer for poop is a little extreme, but in fact it isn’t. Chicken manure has been used for many years and has produced several healthy batches of vegetables and fruits. What’s the secret? Chicken manure is loaded with nutrients that plants need to grow and thrive.

Steps for Making Chicken Manure Fertilizer

So, how to do you make the chicken manure fertilizer?

• Get some chicken manure. Try to get it free from a farmer, or check at a local feed store for a cheap price.

• When you get the manure, place it in a garbage bag.

• Crush the manure, if it is hard enough to do so. If not, leave the bag open and place it in the sun to dry out.

• Fill the garbage bag with enough water to cover half of the manure.

• Tie the bag close tightly. If using a cheap garbage bag be sure to double the bag. If you are using a decent trash brand you don’t need to double the bag.

• Shake the bag gently, then set aside.

• Let the bag set aside for about five weeks. If you are in a super rush, leave the bag in the sun for two hours a day for two weeks. Then the manure is ready to use.

• When the waiting weeks are up you can use the manure. Mix the manure in with your soil.

• Then the “juice” that is left behind after the manure is used can be drizzled on top of your soil.

So, the days of spending a bunch on money on fertilizer is over! Use mother nature’s free gift to stop spending money on expensive fertilizers.

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