Easy Green Living Tips You Can Use In Your House Today!

Easy Green Living Tips You Can Use In Your House Today!
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Making Your House Green

Are you looking for ways to make your home greener? Here are some easy, quick and realistic green living tips that you can implement in your home today! We all know that every little bit truly does make a huge difference in helping to preserve the health of our planet, so you can feel good knowing your efforts are working towards the salvation of humankind and our precious green earth. In addition, conservation practices equates to more money in your pocket! These green living tips will cost you little to nothing and will end up saving you hundreds of dollars. It’s a win-win situation when you go green!

Green Home

Re-Use and Recycle

Make it convenient to stick to recycling by putting a recycle bin next to the garbage in your kitchen. If you don’t have an extra bin that you can use then simply put another garbage bag next to your kitchen garbage can. The whole thing can be recycled: the bag and all its contents! If you have children and find that it’s hard to motivate them to recycle then you can help encourage them by adding a dollar value to each of the recyclables you collect as a family. You can set a monthly goal and if you make or beat it as a family you can use the dollar amount of the value of each item you collected towards going out for ice cream (i.e. You decide that one can is equal to $.25 and your family has set a goal for the month to collect $20.00 worth of recyclables. You will need to collect eighty items of recyclables to reach your goal of $20.00.)!

A simple way to get the most out of what you buy and help to conserve at the same time is to re-use things. Many of the things you buy at the grocery store come in containers that you can re-use. Some containers are sturdy enough to go in your dishwasher, while other containers may be more flimsy and will have to be hand washed. The flimsy containers are usually good for only one extra use, but they can work very well to pack a lunch in. Use the study ones for storage and for lunch containers as well.


Power Check

Try to make it a habit to do power checks in your home regularly. It may take you some time to get used to doing this; setting alarms may be helpful at first in getting you into a routine. Power checks are easy and quick to do and will save you money on your energy bill. Simply walk through your house and make sure no unnecessary lights are on. Make sure to unplug electronics that you aren’t using. Having ten things in your house that are plugged in but not in use wastes up to 450,000 watts of electricity per year. Practice unplugging your electronics right after you’re done using them; these little efforts can equate to hundreds of dollars in savings (with an average household savings of $350 a year!). So it is definitely worth your efforts to perform regular power checks in your home!

After Hours Cleaning

Another simple green living tip is to run your dishwasher and do your laundry after eight at night (after ten at night is even better). During the day energy use is way up and is therefore more taxing on the environment. Laundry machines and dishwashers require huge amounts of energy to work. Just by doing your laundry and running your dishwasher at night you can save up 20% on your total energy use! Energy companies like GE even offer incentives for you to do after hours cleaning, so you’ll have even more money in your pocket!

Use CFL Light Bulbs

Eco-bulbs are all the rage these days but did you know that they use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs do? CFL’s do cost more than traditional bulbs, but they last up to ten times longer. And since CFL’s require so much less energy, using them greatly helps to reduce pollution. Using them is also another way to reduce your energy bill! Savings like that would motivate anyone to light up their house with earth-friendly illuminators.

CFL Light Bulbs

Non-Toxic and Homemade, Organic House Cleaners

There is now a wide array of non-toxic cleaning products available at your local stores to assist you in becoming more environmentally conscious. Companies like Clorox have even jumped on the eco bandwagon and have a line of green cleaning products now.

You can also make home cleaners with regular household items like baking soda, organic lemons and borax. Making homemade cleaners is a fantastic way to save money and save on the pollution caused by regular cleaning products. You can make a disinfectant with equal parts of lemon juice and water.

Small Steps Make Big Changes

These easy green living tips will help you on your way to fighting the battle to save our planet. You’ll find that it becomes second nature in no time. Making changes like these really does make a difference and more and more people are getting involved as we all try to spread the green message. It feels good to live mindfully, doing your part to help bring balance and harmony for all life on earth.