How to Make Organic Homemade Baby Food

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Simple Recipes for Organic Babyfood From Home

Buying baby food has become expensive. Making your baby food is even easier and cheaper. No longer do you have to get in your car, drive to the store, to buy food that will be gone in few hours.

Vegan Baby Food

1. Mango Avocado Sweetie

• One sweet mango

– dice the mango, and place into your blender

• One small avacado

– peel the avocado “meat” from it’s skin and slice and dice

– place in blender

• Half a cup of water

– turn on the blender with the water left out

– slowly pour in the water, while pulsing the blender

– blend until smooth, not chunky

Vegetarian Baby Food

1. Lentil Surprise

• One can of red lentils

– heat the contents of the can in the microwave for two minutes

– smash lentils with the fork until almost smooth

• One quarter of a cup of vegetable broth, or purified water

– stir broth or water into the lentils, until the lentils are completely smooth

• One small red apple

– chop and dice apple really small, then mix into lentil mixture

Fruit Baby Food

1. Pear Banana Smash

• One Asian Pear

– chop and dice pear, into small bits

– sit aside

• One Banana

– peel and dice banana

– sit in bowl with pear

• A Splash of Pineapple Juice

– pour pineapple juice into bowl with the fruit

– mash together until smooth enough for your baby to eat, based on your babies teeth

Making your own baby food is easy, and way cheaper than buying baby food from the store constantly. You already have to buy baby diapers, so why buy baby food also? Well, there’s no reason to do so. So, buy a bunch of fruits and veggies, and mix them up yourself.

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