Natural Foot Care Remedies: About Pumice, Petroleum Jelly & More for Foot Care

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Many home remedies are available for foot care. No one wants dry cracked feet. Home remedies were used by our parents and grandparents for many years and still work just as well today. Consider a few of the remedies listed and see if you can find a personal favorite.


For whatever reason you suffer from dry cracked feet, it is important to eliminate the problem by caring for your feet. If left untreated, the cracks get bigger, creating fissures, that may become infected and a trip to the Podiatrist will be required.

Moisturize your feet at least daily. Cleaning and moisturizing daily removes the present cracks and dryness and will keep the feet moisturized in the future, which protects against dryness and cracks. Wash your feet for 15 minutes every evening. Pat them dry and apply a mixture of one teaspoon Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly mixed with lemon juice completely over the surface of the feet. Pay particular attention to the sides and heel of the feet.

Use a pumice stone to remove cracks and calluses. Pumice stones are available in various sizes and used while in the shower. Scrub the cracks and calluses a little each day until you reach pink, healthy skin. Keep moisturizer on the feet daily to prevent them from coming back.

Use petroleum jelly, honey or hydrogenated oil on your feet in a thick layer before going to bed. Put on a pair of socks to hold the treatment to your feet and protect the sheets. Leave on until the next morning and remove the socks. Wash your feet and pat them dry before putting shoes on. Use this treatment and you will see quick results in a matter of a few days.

Wear comfortable shoes that do not pinch your feet. Do not pick at cracks and calluses. It may be dead skin, but if pulled too hard, the healthy skin underneath will tear and bleed and possibly cause an infection.