Why should I have a green house?

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Changing your life, is changing your home! Join the trend!

We have been trying to go green for a long time now. We have changed the way we eat, stopped buying styrofoam products, and even reduced our water usage. But have we ever asked ourselves, “Why haven’t we changed our home?”. For some of us, our home is our problem.

One reason for our homes being so eco-UNfriendly is that some of our house are just too big. Then you have massive air condition units and / or massive heating units to try to keep those homes a livable temperature. They take up space, use more materials, and require an enormous amount of energy to run. These factors are just a few out of the many problems that are also costing us a lot of money. So, it is time to change your house. But first, you need to know the basics, then you need to know who to contact out the construction of your new house.

One term that gets “tossed” around when talking out Green Homes is, LEED. But what What is LEED?- LEED is basically a rating system. It helps lower bills such as the electric and water bill. Which happen to be usually the most expensive. It also reduces “problems” such as carbon monoxide and harmful mold. So, using the LEED system is a very good idea when going green.

Now, the touchy subject. The Cost? A lot of people avoid going green because they are concerned with the cost; however the fact is that a green home is only three to five percent more than any other house. Is it worth the cost? Not only will a green home be better for the planet but your bills will be less over all, saving you more money than if you had a traditional house. You can use solar power instead of using electricity to reduce your energy bills and in some cases the electricity bill was cut completely by solar powered green home owners, and the water bills dropped in price by more than half.

You could use the extra money to spend on your family’s other needs or donate it to organizations working for a better world and cleaner planet.

What about the furnishings for your home? There are eco-friendly choices for this as well. My suggestion on good furniture is, https://www.modernecohomes.com/. The company, Modern Eco Homes, furniture isn’t only beautiful and modern in style, but it is worth its price. You are helping the economy, which is great, and by buying Eco friendly products you are saving yourself even more money in the long run since many of these products, such as the bamboo products are very durable. Since most of the other Eco friendly materials last for a long period as well you get pieces that will be around for the long haul.

So, to spite a slight increase in the cost, making your home a greener home will save you money in the long run. It is often easier than you think to find ways to green your home; I didn’t know much about Eco friendly products until several years ago; and once I started shopping Eco friendly, my obsession began with saving the planet.

Green Builders

Now the planet is just waiting on your obsession to begin also.

But where to begin, now that you are informed?

How about with the builder! Here’s a list of recommended builders for “Green Homes”. You can check out their web sites to learn more about Green Builders and what services they can offer.

1. California Green Builder- awesome if you live in California. They are very good, here’s their website, https://www.cagreenbuilder.org.

2. Use Green Builders, if you want to remodel you house, or build a new one, or buy a used one. Here’s their website, they are really good also, https://www.greenbuildersinc.com. In fact, some of their houses start in the forty thousands, which is a really great deal.

3.Want a list of green builders that have been recognized on PBS? If so, know that they cost a pretty penny, but are definitely worth it. Here’s the link to the page with the amazing builders, https://www.pbs.org/greenbuilders/meet-the-builders.html. I would imagine that their waiting list is quite long though.

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