Organic, Organic, Organic! Top 5 Organic Foods!

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Organic Foods

According to the New York Times, there is five foods to buy organic immedietly. These five foods, may shock you, but honestly it is best if you buy them organic.

The Five Foods

  1. Ketchup! Why Ketchup you might ask? Well, as we all know, ketchup is made of tomato products (paste, etc.). Studies show that organic ketchup has twice the antioxidants than non organic ketchup. Remember, antioxidants are need in the body, and can be found in berries also.

2. Milk! Why Miik? Well, when buying milk, you are buying “a whole chemical system of algriculture”. With that being said by Doctor Greene, in samples of the regular non organic milk, there is traces of pesticides. Those pesticides are found in about 30% of non organic milk, and found rarely in organic milk.

3. Potatoes! Why Potatoes you may ask? Well, Potatoes, are highly consumed in this country. Pesticides are found almost in every potato, and in extremely high amounts also. According to, the 2006 U.S.D.A test results, 81% of potatoes tested contained pesticides on the inside of the veggie. This means, after being washed and peeled, the potatoes were still infected with poisonous chemicals that can harm you, and the bugs.

4. Peanut Butter! Getting right to the point, Peanut Butter is made of peanuts as we all know. In fact, most acres are used to farm peanuts, and that’s where the “trouble” comes in to play. Most farmers treat there peanut crops with fungicide. This chemical kills mold, which is a major threat to peanut crops. Therefore, to protect yourself and others, by buying organic peanut butter you are cutting out the risk of eating fungicide.

5. Apples! When it comes to the most eaten fruit, the Apple comes in second place behind the bananna. It is also one of the most contaminated fruit when it comes to its pesticide ratings. Apples are eaten often, and juiced to make popular juices. By eating non organic apples, and drinking apple based drinks, you are swallowing pesticides. So, buy organic apples!

Places of recommendation to buy organic:

1. Local Farmers Market (Any State)

2. Whole Foods (Any State)

3. Central Market (Texas)

4. Herbmart ( Dallas Metroplex)

5. PCC Natural Markets (for those in Maryland)

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