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Organic Food! The best brands and stores to buy organic, and the reasons behind the new trend in food.

According to the New York Times, “People believe it must be better for you if it’s organic,” says Phil Howard, an assistant professor of community, food and agriculture at Michigan State University.

The question now is, Why Buy Organic? What’s its benefits?

- Organic Food comes from animals that are more cared for. They are allowed to roam (cage-free), and they are raised organicly by eating only the best grade of food. Would you want to eat an animal that was develop in a test tube? If you answer is no, then buy organically.

- Organic Food takes away the risk of getting the “Mad Cow Disease”. If you ask how, the answer is, the cows are not forced to eat each other’s carcasses. Now, this may be disturbing to you, and it should, but it should also remind you of the reasons to eat Organic.

- Organic Foods says “goodbye” to chemicals, A.K.A pesticides. Chemicals are bad when it comes to food. They are used to kill pest, but if the chemicals are harmful enough to kill worms and such, imagine what if could do to your body. Chemicals such as pesticides can be harmful to fetus’s and embryos. So, to protect newborns and their mothers, eat and buy organic.

Here are a few organic brands to keep in mind when looking for organic food.

1. Abel & Cole- It seems as if Europe has advanced greatly when it comes to organic food and organic shopping. In Europe, their is a brand called, Abel & Cole. It’s a brand and service that has been around for 20 or more years, which shows that it is reasonably priced and very handy. This brand not only allows you to shop online, but also allows you to have your organic groceries delivered to you. Of course with their European origin, the prices are in Euro’s, but they aren’t unreasonably prices when it comes to most organic food. For instance, two liters of organic skim milk, cost only $2.66. Overall, this is a great store. It is very convenient if you live in its area. It’s headquarters are in Wimbledon. So if you are in there area, contact them at 08452 62 62 65.

2. Amy’s Kitchen- This amazing brand can be found at Walmart? Can you believe it? You no longer have to search high and low for a reputable organic food store. Check out your local Walmart! The brand makes some of the best hamburger patties, salsa and rice bowls to soups. The possibilities with Amy’s Kitchen is sky high! Not only are they in most states, but there are everywhere. You may not think they are in a store you shop at, but guess what? They are! So, the next time you are at Walmart or Safeway, look for the awesome brand, Amy’s Kitchen.

3. Simply Organic- The next time your in Whole Foods, you may pick up a product by Simply Organic. They are sold at Whole Food stores, and are very easy to spot. They come packages in simple looks. The plain, never overdown look is there own. Products adored with the words “Simply Organic”, is at the top and center part of most products; along with a never dark color scheme. There food is truly “simply organic”. It is tasty and affordable.

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