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Green clothing lines!

Some of the best clothes are green clothes. Not only do they feel more comfortable, but they are better for the earth, resulting in greater pride in the things that you wear.

The best things about green clothing today, is that the clothing is up-to-date in the fashion world. I have searched high and low for the best green brands. Here are my results.

1. EDUN- Is fairly cheap, when it comes to green clothing. It is very stylish, and actually looks better than some non-green brand. Take for instance, their dresses. They are worthy enough to be seen on “stars”. They have stylish looks, that hang slightly off your shoulders, and come to your knees. These looks can be worn to the mall, the movies, around the house, and even grocery shopping. Looking sluggish is no longer in style! Going green with EDUN is. Your kids, and spouse can go green also, at very affordable prices.

2. Cute Little Clothes- Have you ever imagined clothing that can keep your kids cooler by two or three degrees? If so, Cute Little Clothes is the brand for you. They host a completely awesome brand called, Kicky Pants. Complete articles of this clothing can be brought for as cheap as twenty-five dollars. Your babies onesie’s can be brought for nineteen dollars, while pants start at eighteen dollars. For example, one of my favorite clothing articles is a dress for kids. The dress cost only twenty-seven dollars, which saves you around twenty dollars compared to most clothing brands for kids.

3. Are you looking for a stylish handbag, or a cute swimsuit saving the environment at the same time? Juno & Jove is the clothing line for you, if so. Swimsuit prices are in the two hundred dollar range, along with handbags in the three hundred dollar range. Although, their prices are higher than most, they are top quality. Their handbags are made of leather, while there swimsuits are made in the USA. If you high quality fashion, saving the environment at same time, then Juno & Jove is the store you would want to shop at.

4. Footprint Bamboo- Advertised as “Bamboo fiber is light and airy, making it remarkably softer than cotton”, Footprint Bamboo is one brand to trust. They stand up to there advertisement. The shirts are silky smooth, and very stylish. Their site is very informing, telling you to wast bamboo clothing in only cold water. It teaches that bamboo is stronger than cotton, and their products are manufactured from a bamboo species, Moso. Which panda’s don’t eat. So, if you want organic and eco friendly clothing that will last for a very long time, and can endear extreme conditions, buy Footprint Bamboo clothing.

5. Want fashionable jeans that don’t cost you a pretty penny? Try Fashion and Earth clothing. They have clothes for work, and jeans that hug your curves and fluctuate them. The brand may be up and coming, but they are growing at a rapid pace, and are worth a look at. So, if if you want clothing that can fit in any budget, and help your shape, buy Fashion and Earth clothing.

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Clothing that will save the enviroment, and not hurt your piggy bank.

  1. Green clothing is now in great numbers!