Pristine Planet Offers Sustianable Shopping

Pristine Planet Offers Sustianable Shopping
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Shop and Support Sustianable Products at Pristine Planet

Online collective retailer, the Pristine Planet is the first web site dedicated to eco-friendly comparison shopping. The site’s goal is bring together the best green retailers that the web has to offer and showcase only socially and environmentally responsible merchants. The reasoning behind doing so, is to give green consumers that ability to compare prices and product quality for thousands of sustainable companies. Also, offering consumers the option of writing their own reviews adds to the credibility of some green merchants and their products while pointing out the failings in the eco-items that are what they claim to be.

The success of Pristine Planet and the green products that can be found through them is all based on the consumer. Enabling people the power to support qualityeco -items creates a ripple like effect throughout the budding green global economy. Just one purchase and review by one green consumer can effect the overall green product impact by rewarding a quality green product and or business, this simple action can spread the momentum of sustainable products and the purchasing power behind them. The belief of Pristine Planet is that one person can make a difference towards a better world and they are helping people do that through collective consumer power. Through one purchase, a single person can give back to the green movement by allowing green producers to reinvest into sustainable manufacturing, fair trade practices and organic agriculture.

In order to give people the power to accomplish the above through Pristine Planet, the web site features various tools to review green products and submit merchant report cards for each product purchased. The site also catalogues a green merchant list where consumers have compared products and sustainable businesses for review by the world wide web.

Becoming a part of the Pristine Planet eco-conscious shopping movement is simple, all you have to do is visit and begin browsing the site. Both consumers and merchants can create accounts that will create a history of purchases, reviews and how those purchase give back to environmentally friendly world view that is becoming more mainstream.

*image provided by Pristine Planet