Crafts to Recycle Glass at Home

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Creating crafts is a great way to recycle glass at home. Not only are you able to repurpose the glass, you are also able to create something beautiful.

Glass Jars Snow Globes – These are super easy to make and a great craft for children. Remove the labels, then clean and dry the jars. Glue small objects to the inside of the lid. You can use items that fit a holiday or party theme. Then fill the jar with water, glycerin, and glitter. Paint the base of the jar and add decorations.

Wine Bottle Border – Many wine bottles come in lovely colors. These can be put upside down in your flowerbed to create a lovely border for your flower bed or side walk.

Wine Bottle Lamps – If you love candles and lamps your wine bottle is going to have a marvelous second life. Most craft stores sell toppers you can insert into the top of the bottle. You then add candle oil to the bottle to create a lamp. You can use several colors and sizes to create a unique centerpiece or you can focus on your favorite brands or colors.

Vases and Tumblers – This craft takes a bit more preparation and effort. First clean and dry the bottles. Then use a glass cutter to cut the tops of the bottles off to create colorful vases or tumblers.

Glass Mosaic – If you have lots of colorful glass bottles and jars and are artistically inclined, this is a great way to recycle glass. First you will need to collect and break enough glass to work with, in the colors you want, before you begin. One of the easiest ways to start is by creating your mosaic on a table or trivet. First sketch out your design in pencil. Then glue the colored pieces of glass to your pattern. Next, add grout to hold the pattern in place. When the grout dries clean it from the tops of the pieces of glass.

These are just a few of the ways you can recycle glass at home. Once you start crafting with recycled glass you will likely devise even more ways to use the lovely light catchers.