Sustainable Eco Fashion from Choolips

Sustainable Eco Fashion from Choolips
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Choolips Eco-Fashion

Have you heard of the latest trend in fashion called Eco-Fashion? Eco-Fashion has a new environmental and socially conscious design group who strives to save both the planet and the people in it. Choolips is that new company. Created by the winner of the Design4Life fashion competition, Annagret Affolderbach (whose designs for the program sold out within days) Choolips’ goal is to create sustainable eco-fashion that will support local people and give back to the areas economies.

All of the fabrics that are used for Annagret’s fashion designs come from 100% pure an organic Fairtrade Ghanaian cotton with all of the batik designs placed onto the fabric by ladies from Global Mamas. The Global Mamas group is an NGO of women in Ghana who have created a sustainable area workforce. Working with the Global Mamas first hand has allowed Anagret to introduce them to a laser technology which has helped the group expand their business to accommodate more orders from the European Union. The garments are also sewn in Ghana, as overseen by Annagret to make sure that those working on putting together her designs are paid a living wage.

Currently, Choolips eco-fashion can be found exclusively through London’s TopShop which is one of England’s top fashion retailers. The signature pattern design of batiked coffee beans is available in three style types and various colors. The most sought after style that Choolips eco-fashion line is offering is the summer dress in a dark green with the yellow batiked coffee bean print. The dress has a yellow trim and sash and can be found through TopShop or through contacting Annagret herself at [email protected]. The current Choolips website at is under construction with no galleries or online shop but you can check out the ideas for the new Kimono design line, as well as how to become involved in the global movement toward sustainable eco-fashion. Click on the dress image to obtain a better view.

For more information on the Global Mamas or Fairtrade cotton from Ghanaian, visit the following online sites: and The Fairtrade Foundation.

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