Goat's milk for natural skin care

Goat's milk for natural skin care
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Goat’s Milk for Beauty and Health

Goat’s milk has long been the most widely drank and used animal milk in over a majority of the world. Only in countries where cow’s have been developed and used for milk at a higher production rate for profit, like in the United States has the use of goat’s milk been down played. The keeping of goats is cheaper than that of cows and goats also contribute less of a carbon impact than that of cows. Nutrient wise for human health and beauty, goat’s milk beats cow’s milk with a higher rate of all comparable vitamins and proteins.

The health benefits to humans from drinking goat’s milk and ingesting yogurts and cheeses made from goat’s milk are many. The fat globules in goat’s milk do not separate as those in cow’s milk do. Since the fat stays suspend and evenly distributed in goat’s milk there is no need for homogenization and the human body can digest it almost as well as breast milk is digested by babies. The even fat distribution is also a reason why lactose intolerant people can drink goat’s milk when they cannot drink cow’s milk. In one cup pf goat’s milk, the human body can get up to 35% of the daily value of calcium and 27% of the daily value of vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Ingesting goat’s milk and goat’s milk made products has also been shown to help relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, migraines and help to protect against atherosclerosis.

Because goat’s milk is such a rich source of digestible enzymes, it should come as no surprise that there are also many beauty benefits to goat’s milk based products for the skin. The higher fat content of the milk lends to great absorption of moisturizers for the skin. Goat’s milk has been used for beautifying the skin in cultures as far back as Cleopatra’s time in Egypt. The soothing affect on the human skin from goat’s milk soaps and lotions also make it a great product to use for ease of eczema and other dry skin issues.

Though there are many online resources for eco-soaps and lotions made from goat’s milk, there is one retailer that specializes in the use of goat’s milk products with high quality and environmentally friendly reliability. Dionis has been using and producing safe goat’s milk products since 1982. They carry a full range of scented and unscented goat’s milk soaps and lotions for adults as well as an all natural baby skin care line. In addition to soaps and lotions, they also produce a line of goat’s milk specialized facial care, lip care and liquid soaps.

Currently, their most popular scent for goat’s milk lotion is Shenandoah Rose which cane be found in various store fronts across the country like the Cracker Barrel’s Country Store. As a starting point for their products, Dionis offers a lotion sampler kit that includes four of their rotating popular scents and retails online for $9.95. For more information on Dionis and their various goat’s milk products visit their main web site at: www.dinoissoap.com