What are Biostimulants and How Can you Use biostimulants for your Lawn

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Green Lawn Care: Biostimulants

There are times when your plant life can become stressed by a myriad of different factors. Insects such as nematodes, mole crickets and worms can stress plant life from both the inside and outside. Heat waves, droughts or other plant borne diseases can also leave plant life stress affected. In other cases where insects or environment do not play a larger role in plant life stress, plant life roots can simply fail to extract the needed nutrients from the surrounding soil.

The aforementioned causes of stress can be relived in plant life with the use of biostimulants. From household plants, fruit trees, vegetable gardens and even lawns adding the use of biostimulants to their care is much like when humans take a multivitamin. Biostimulants help to fortify plant life with natural amino acids, vitamins and other nature based nutrients. Adding the use of these extra nutrients can help save your plant life from suffering from stress and help to repair some stress related damage that may have occurred.

When the use of biostimulants are introduced into plant life care there are various reactions that will begin to take place. Plant life production of RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) which bindsproteins to combat stress is increased by humates in the biostimulant to influence higher production. Chlorophyll content within the plant life will increase producing greener leaves and shoots. The plant life will also begin to have an increase in ion uptake, nucleic acid synthesis and better conversion of the photosynthesis process. Antioxidant activity within thesurrounding soil and the plant life will also become enabled to giving the plant life a better ability to fight off stressful invasions to its growth.

The use of biostimulants can help you achieve an organic and chemical free way of strengthening plant life. According to statistics from Nutra-Biostimulants and FuturOrganic, up to fifty percent of farmers and green lawn care enthusiasts who use biostimulants have been able to get away with using less fertilizer because of the natural strengthening of their plant life. Another benefit that has come to light is in that of biostimulants being a cause of regenerating healthy soil turnover. For more information on biostimulants, you can visit the main information use page online at: https://futurorganic.com/biostimulants.htm