Organic Meat Deliveries - Best Local and Nationwide Sources for Organic Meat Delivery

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Organic meats are an important part of an organic non-vegetarian diet. Meats that are certified organic come from animals raised exclusively on organic feed. Grass fed meats are from animals that have not eaten grain as part of their diet, but were raised on land with fresh grass and hay to eat. Organic and grass fed meats have been shown to offer health benefits over conventional meats, including lower saturated fat as well as increased Omega-3s and cancer-fighting CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

Organic meat producers are growing in number, but consumers may still find it a challenge to find a dependable source for organic beef, poultry, and other meats. Several companies now offer organic meat delivery services as a way for small producers to directly sell their organic meats to customers.

The environmental benefits of choosing organic meats are numerous. Along with gentle care of the land, organic meat producers lovingly care for their animals. You will find that the careful way in which organic meat is produced results in a superior taste.

Nationwide Organic Meat Delivery Services

From open grazing grounds and small farms across the country, small scale and large scale organic meat producers ship frozen meats nationwide.

You can find the offerings of many family farms at Local Harvest allows customers to buy a wide variety of farm products, including organic and sustainably grown meats like beef, lamb, pork, poultry. You can even purchase hard-to-find meats like buffalo, venison, and rabbit.

Organic farmers along California’s central coast sell organic meats and other farm products at Organic beef, lamb, pork, buffalo, poultry, deli meats, and seafood are available as well as meat alternatives like organic tofu, tempeh, seitan, veggie burgers, and miso.

Blackwing Quality Meats sells an intriguing variety of organic and game meats at Among Blackwing’s selection you’ll find organic beef, organic chicken, organic turkey, elk, venison, quail, and pheasant. Blackwing’s organic, free-range beef currently comes from Piedmontese beef cows. According to Blackwing, Piedmontese beef is not only better tasting than Angus beef, but is richer in Omega-3s and has less fat, calories, and cholesterol than chicken.

Organic grass-fed meats are available online from Colorado-based Foxfire Farms at Owners Richard and Linda Parry raise beef cows, goats, pork, and lamb on pasture land and organic feed. Free-range eggs are also available for delivery.

Find a Local Source for Organic Meats

Eating local foods is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. What could be better that local, organic meat delivered fresh to you after processing? You can cut your carbon footprint even further by stocking your freezer with meats from locally raised animals.

Use the web to find organic meat CSA programs near you. Try searching your area for organic meat CSAs on,, or