How to Reuse Wallpaper

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After you put wallpaper up, you may find yourself with quite a bit leftover. While you should save some extra wallpaper in case the paper on the wall needs to be repaired, you can reuse the remaining wallpaper instead of throwing it away. There are quite a few ways that you can reuse extra wallpaper around your home.

Use on a tabletop

If you have a plain looking tabletop, consider putting a piece of wallpaper on top of it topped with a piece of clear glass. This tip can completely change the look of your table or dresser, and your only extra cost is the glass. It can also protect the tabletop from any damage and keep it new looking, in case you want to sell the table or uncover it later on.

Use as drawer liners

Instead of having bare drawer bottoms or plain shelves, put your leftover wallpaper to use as drawer or shelf liners. It can make the bottom of your drawers or surface of your shelves look interesting. It can also add some extra grip and prevent items from sliding around. Using extra wallpaper can save you some money from having to purchase the liners.

Use for scrapbook paper

You can also reuse leftover wallpaper as scrapbook paper. A few squares can make an attractive background on a few pages in your album. You can also cut the wallpaper to make various shapes or designs to put into your album.

If you are going to reuse wallpaper that already comes with the adhesive on it, make sure to be careful where and how you use it. If the adhesive gets wet or moist it could damage the surface you put the wallpaper onto. While it may easily come off some surfaces, it could be extremely difficult to get it off others.

While using wallpaper for anything other than its intended purpose may seem a bit strange, it can be very beneficial for the environment. If almost every person who wallpapers their home throws out the extra wallpaper, it can end up being a lot of unnecessary waste in the landfill. You can be one of the people to make a positive difference by reusing what you have.