Eco-Conscious Shopping with Organic Fabrics

Eco-Conscious Shopping with Organic Fabrics
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Eco-Fashion Designs by Melissa Baswell

Designer Melissa Baswell started Mountains of the Moon to combine her love of fashion with a green lifestyle. She began selling her designs to small local shops and when her eco-fashions grew in popularity, she decided to start her own green fashion line. She has envisioned Mountains of the Moon’s goal to be a sustainable design and apparel company aimed at creating high-quality clothing that will help and not hurt the earth or any of the planet’s inhabitants.

New Styles for 2011

Melissa has added three new designs for the Spring and Summer of 2011. The overall online catalogue shows past years fashion staples with allowances for the most popular previous styles.

These new looks are all about letting women be comfortable while staying pretty. Shown in the image to the left are two examples of the Arya Maxi Skirt both in color and wear-ability. The skirt itself is made from organic hemp and tencel fabric. Featuring a drawstring waist and cut on the bias to offer the most flatteringly fit possible.

The other two new designs are the Zooey Dress and the Taylor Pants in the same new colors shown in our image of the Arya Maxi Skirt. The dress is made from 100% organic jersey, while the pants are created from the same hemp and tencel combination as the new skirt.

Other Styles Offered

Currently, all of their fashion lines going back to the Winter 2010 collection are still open and available for purchase. The women’s line centers on a variety of bright dresses in materials such as organic cotton, organic hemp and Tencel. The winter seasonal dresses come in three styles and a multitude of colors, with most popular design being the Audrey Dress. The Spring and Summer of 2010 line has an emphasis on airy dresses for ladies with styles that can be carried over for the following seasonal year.

Baswell also has a line of eco-fashion t-shirts and bags for men, women and children. The green shirt designs feature a variety of art

bamboo hoodie

such as: EcoWarrior, So Many Roads, Free Spirit and I heart Eco-Fashion. The most popular of all the organic cotton t-shirts is the Eco-Fashionista with matching eco-tote bag. Rising in popularity is the single eco-hoodie that is offered. Shown in the image to the right, the hoodie is available in black and is made from organic bamboo.

The shop also carries a selection of handmade items. For the little ones there is the hand-crocheted hemp poncho while the adults have a wider selection. The adult hats, scarves and mittens are all hand-crocheted from organic hemp and are available in a variety of colors from the plain organic off-white to vibrant reds and purples.


Mountains of the Moon,

Image Credit: © 2011 MotM, LLC

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