Green Birthday Parties: Ideas to Make Your Kid's Party Eco-Friendly by Using Recycled Invitations, Making Your Own Cake & More Ideas

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Make Your Party a Green Event

Think of your birthday event from beginning to end and start with the invitation. Make you own from recycled magazines and paper and make sure you announce that “green” gifts are encouraged. If people ask what green gifts are, tell them wooden toys or puzzles, and books are great ideas.

With your guest list in hand, next plan your party. Follow these tips for a total green birthday event!

  • Seek Nature - Try and hold your birthday party at a local park. If weather doesn’t permit, see if you can hold it at a local community center and hang pictures and posters of trees, sun, squirrels, and plants to give it that outside feel.

  • Turn Your Games Green - Instead of traditional birthday party games, make a list of animals, trees, and plant life that are indigenous to your local park area and send each child and parent off with a list. Whoever checks the most off their list wins. if you are inside, you can still do this by having your parent/child teams work with their imagination.

  • Teach Green - Invite a storyteller to your party with tales of environmental happenings and achievements. You can also hold your own story time on green topics.

  • Make a Green Plan - Have children work with parents on products in their own homes that can be changed for greener use. Send each child home with their green plan and hold a future event to see how well they did.

  • Eat Green - Skip the regular store bought cake and make your own carrot and raisin cake and top it with a yogurt based frosting. For snacks create your own trail mix and skip the chips.

  • Give Green - Your party favors can even be green! Instead of candy, stuff small paper bags with flower and vegetable seeds that will grow in your area or small wooden toys. Reusable drink containers are also a great idea for gifts and party favors.

  • Clean up Green - When it’s time to clean up the park or the community center, have everyone chip in and discuss afterward in a semi-circle format what the children learned about being green.

  • Send Them Home Green - Lastly, if you have leftover food, offer to share it with others, even scrap food and give each party goer instructions on how to make their own compost.

Every aspect of your child’s next birthday party can be green from beginning to end. Use your imagination and find more green activities to add to the event. Start a green-going-party group and exchange ideas including ideas on adult green birthday parties. We can all do our part to become more environmentally aware and while this is a small step, it’s a learning step for your kids. Use these ideas when you are deciding how to throw a green birthday party and enjoy!