How to Reuse Old Pillows: Recycle Pillow Cases, Stuffing & More

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After a while when pillows start to lose their form, you may find yourself throwing them in the garbage and replacing them with new ones. While you get the comfort of new pillows, the landfill gets the remains of the discarded ones. Instead of tossing your old pillows, consider reusing them for another purpose.

Use an Old Pillow Covers for Trick-or-Treating

Many children use pillow cases for trick-or-treating on Halloween, but instead, consider giving them the cover to an old pillow. Cut open one end of the old pillow, remove all of the stuffing and put the empty cover into the wash to clean it. It can be a better alternative to using a pillowcase, which can get stained and sticky from all of the candy. The kids can reuse the pillow cover for the night and for years to come.

Use the Cotton Stuffing to Re-Stuff Toys

After years of being cuddled, washed and tossed around, stuffed animals can lose their shape and their original fluffiness. Take the cotton stuffing out of your old pillow to re-stuff a stuffed animal. Open the stuffed animal along the seam, add in the cotton stuffing, then carefully sew it back up. Wash it either by hand or in the machine depending on the instructions and you have a stuffed animal that is as good as new.

Give the Old Pillow to your Pet

Instead of buying an expensive pet bed, your pet can cuddle with the old pillow or nap on it. Make sure to clean the pillow first before giving it to him. As a precaution, make sure that your pet is healthy enough to sleep on the pillow, as some pets, for example, those with arthritis, need a specific type of bed to help make them more comfortable.

Keep Two in the Car

Pillows can be quite handy to have during road trips or fun activities. Put a couple of old pillowcases on them and they are ready for use. If you go on picnics, sit on the pillow instead of the hard ground. During road trips, the passengers can use the pillows to rest their heads on instead of the hard inside of the car.

While holding onto old pillows may seem pointless, they can end up being useful when you least expect it. Before you reuse them, make sure that they are thoroughly washed. Keep them in a clean place so when you can use them whenever you need them.