Natural Skin Care with Olive Oil: Homemade Recipes for Skin Care, Hair Care, Hands, and Lips

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Why Olive Oil?

Olive oil is for a lot more than cooking. It is one of the most versatile all natural beauty ingredients out there. Olive oil contains squalane, which is a natural emollient. This is why olive oil penetrates the skin so easily, without the greasy film that other oils leave behind. It is also a great source of vitamins A and E, as well as polyphenols, which are great skin protectants. These antioxidants fight free radicals and make your skin glow. All natural olive oil beauty remedies are green, frugal, and effective.

A Great Body Moisturizer

Olive oil is a great all natural moisturizer. Try adding a couple of drops to your favorite light, summer moisturizer to make it work for winter. You can even use it as a moisturizer by itself. It soaks into the skin quickly, and won’t leave a greasy residue behind. Add some along with your favorite essential oils to your bath for a moisturizing bath treatment. This is great for wintry dry skin. It will add back the moisture that’s lost during long, hot baths.

If you have dry feet, apply olive oil after your shower and put on a thick pair of cottony socks. Keep the socks on overnight for softer, feet.

Facial Uses for Olive Oil

Looking for some natural skin care ideas? Olive oil makes an awesome makeup remover. Pour a bit onto a cotton ball, and wipe off any stubborn makeup. It also removes mascara while it conditions the lashes.

You can even make an awesome facial scrub:

Simply make a paste of raw sugar, olive oil, and a drop or two of water. Gently rub in small circles over face just as you would any scrub. This facial scrub not only exfoliates, but is a great moisturizer. This same scrub can be used on the hands or feet too.

For an exfoliating, moisturizing and skin lightening night cream, mix together 2 tbs. olive oil, 1 tbs. white vinegar, and 1 tbs. water, and apply to skin before bed.

Other Beauty Treatments

It’s super easy to make a great hair conditioner:

Just rub in a couple of drops of oil into dry ends before your shower, then shampoo as usual. For an all over deep conditioning hair mask, mix 2 tbs. olive oil with one beaten egg. Apply to the hair and wait for 15 minutes. Rinse well with lukewarm water.

You can make your own all natural lip gloss too:

Add 1 or 2 drops of peppermint oil to an ounce of olive oil. Pour into a clean, small container. Apply as needed for moist and glossy lips. If winter has been tough on your hands and nails, don’t give it a thought. Olive oil can get those hands beautiful in no time. Rub olive oil into your hands, cuticles, and nails. Wear cotton gloves to protect overnight, and by morning your hands will look and feel much softer.


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